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Create-A-Sim's Upgrades - Breast Size, Chest Hair, Muscles

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Since the release of the original version of The Sims 3, we have seen create-a-sim grow as a robust Sim creation tool. Where once most Sims looked about the same, we now have a lot more creative control over their body features, and skin tone through the use of sliders and other mechanisms of CAS.

Skin Tone

With World Adventures, Simmers got to better tweak the skin tone of their Sims. It's now much easier to make a Sim of most any racial background.

Light skin toneMedium skin toneDark skin tone

Breast Size

Late Night brought the Breast Slider to everyone, allowing Sim females to have larger or smaller breasts than the base. The range of possible cup sizes here is quite wide.

Small breastMedium breastLarge breast

Muscle Definition

This is a feature that benefits guys more than girls. Sims can now have finely chiseled muscles that will set them apart from others. Low definition looks like there's a higher percentage of body fat. You can give your Sims star quality abs and pecs. It does work well for women's quadriceps and forearms but is barely noticable in other spots.

Low definition musclesbetter toned musclesmaximum muscle definition

Chest Hair

The Sims 3 Generations brought chest hair. To access this, head to the hair section of Create-a-Sim. There you can select body hair from one of four options, including none (default). Make burly manly male Sims with this new feature, which probably isn't going to be seen very often unless you have Sims running about with shirts off all the time.


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