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The Sims 3: Cooking / Celebrated Five Star Chef Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

In this Sims 3 Character Walkthrough, I'll be writing about a Sim who will pursue the tenth level job in the culinary career track, Five Star Chef. In pursuing the celebrated five star chef lifetime wish, he'll also learn every recipe. I made my Sim's traits fit for a career-oriented Sim who's great at cooking:

Natural Cook
The natural cook trait will keep him from burning down the kitchen. He'll also get a boost to how quickly he raises the cooking skill.

He enjoys being at work. He'll get a mood boost while working and be less susceptible to work-induced stress. This is a powerful trait for scoring promotions quickly.

He's a master of inter-office communication. Because the relationship with the boss and co-workers matters so much in the cooking career, this is very helpful. With the office hero lifetime reward (5000 points), he will have no problem befriending all of his co-workers within a couple days' time.

Over Emotional
He's going to have positive moodlets all the time. This will boost all of their effects by 25%. He will overreact whenever there is something bothering him, like a filthy room or extreme hunger, but these situations won't come up very often.

I want him to be able to upgrade his home to prevent cleaning and repairing things all the time. He'll be a lot better with the handiness skill overall.

Celebrated Five-Star Chef Lifetime Wish
My Sim wants to make it to the tenth level in the cooking career, the Five Star Chef job. Upon receiving his promotion he'll complete the wish. He'll also get a MinusOne Kelvin Fridge for his effort.

A tiny house, with basic amenities is all this Sim needs to start. I do not buy him a good refrigerator, but I purchase the best stove. No uneven cooking for my chef. He gets a dining table and chair, and a recliner with the $500 television to be able to watch cookin' cable for fun.

Greeting the boss at the libarary to help with the culinary career track in the Sims 3I send him to get a job in the culinary career by visiting the little corsican bistro. I wait on the inevitable wishes to raise cooking and take a class in cooking to appear. Taking a class to gain the first level is the most efficient time to do so. It shaves hours off of the time it takes to learn this skill level for only $400.

Afterward, he goes home to watch cookin' cable until he's having a blast. He makes it to level two. He then cooks his first meal, and invites his new boss over. Schmoozing and talking about cooking the whole time, he's able to befriend her. Since the third level of cooking will start looking to the relationship with the boss to determine performance, he's got a head start.

Enjoying Lobster Thermidor in the Sims 3The first day on the job as a Kitchen Scullion isn't until 3pm, so he has a lot of time the next day to get himself in a great mood. He has a good meal, and even manages to watch some more cooking cable before heading to work. Once there, he focuses on meeting his co-workers rather than working hard. He can't get a promotion in one day because it's a 6 hour day, and he doesn't have the perfect cooking level yet, so this is a more efficient use of his time.

After work, he invites Molly French over for a chat again, working on making sure he's best friends with her soon. He hits the sack early so he can spend a little time at the library and use the computer there to satisfy the work from home wish. That evening at work he gets his first promotion, to Spice runner and is making $32 an hour. Since his toilet is broken, after work he heads to the library to learn the handiness skill.

It's wednesday and my chef already has his first day off, and this enables him to zoom up the cooking ranks. He makes it to level 4, then I stop him, hoping the game will give him a wish to increase it again. He is lucky and runs into Molly French at the library. I had intended to invite her over, but there she was, reading a book. He manages to hammer her with social interactions again, and manages to make her a good friend. This satisfies a wish. While in conversation, a cooking opportunity to share ingredients pops up - and Molly French is the target. He crosses the street to the supermarket and buys a tomato, then returns with it promptly. He's immediately boosted to best friends with her, fulfilling another wish. His cooking skill is pushed to level 5.

When he's exhausted all his energy, I send him to the day spa for the $1,000 great escape vacation package. Afterward, he raises handiness some at the library, then heads home to recover some more energy. He stays up late tinkering, then upgrades his shower. He's able to hit the hay at 3am to give him plenty of time to get ready for work the next day. Most importantly, he's hit the 10,000 lifetime happiness points required to purchase the multi-tasker lifetime reward. This will enable him to get promotions in a single day of work.

Cooking Stuffed Turkey in the Sims 3That Friday, he scores the promotion in a single day as I expected. Both performance metrics are solid green and multi-tasker is awesome. I have him use work hard until it's clear he'll get the promotion, then switch to meet co-workers. This is a good strategy for any job. When you're just going for promotions, don't overfill the performance bar by working hard excessively.

At level 3 in the culinary career track, the job already wants level 6 cooking for the skill level to be considered great. He raises cooking to level 6, and part of the way to level 7 before heading home. The next day he scores another promotion. Co-workers are now a requirement for success. He needs the office hero reward as quickly as possible, so I try to fulfill some wishes.

Because of a culinary career opportunity to wash dishes, he will get a performance boost at work the next day and so can get by with his sub-par relationships with co-workers. He manages to finally meet all of his co-workers that day, after using work hard for a few hours to guarantee the promotion. There are four total, and because of wishes to reach levle 5 in the culinary career track, and earn a raise, befriending them will be easy. Quite easy indeed, because he has the 5,000 reward points required to buy office hero. Wish Schmoozer, this will really help the relationship increase from hanging with co-workers at work.

The work day is now down to five and a half hours at the fifth level of the culinary career track. It would also like my Sim to have level 8 cooking, and he's only at level 6. Combined with the average relations with co-workers, I can tell he won't be able to gain a promotion in a single day. I have him use meet with co-workers for the next two days, while raising cooking in the off hours. This puts the relationship with co-workers at perfect, and helps him catch up with cooking.

The Sims 3 Culinary Career Track: Minusone Kelvin Master Chef's FridgeHe now has two days off that I really wish he didn't, it's an impediment to his progress. Still, he's raises cooking even further, reaching level 9. From here, each promotion can be made in a day if he goes in a very good mood and uses work hard. Five Star chefs only work on the weekend, so he has a long week to go through with little to do. He masters cooking, but doesn't do much else. Simmers who are playing the chef and intend to maintain the top level job will find these days very useful, as they can be used for developing a hobby and making side money.

From here, my Sim ascends to Five Star Chef and takes the top level job. His reward is a high paying job that only works a few days a week, and a MinusOne Kelvin fridge. This master chef's fridge boosts the quality of meals and gives an extra moodlet for superior equipment.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Julie says...
I had my sim do the same wish but I used different traits:

Natural Cook
Green Thumb
30th March 2014 4:34pm
Shannon says...
What if you got a job at the diner instead of the bistro?
24th December 2013 1:22am
Rachel says...
Can a simbot do achieve this lifetime wish in oasis landing? That's his wish and I can't delete it he has another one to know 20 people but I can't change it, any idea how to fix it
21st July 2014 4:14pm
Jared says...
What about the fishing skill?
I got a few opportunities to make sushi or some dish that required fish.
There are a fish that can be purchased from the grocery store. While fishing can be a great bonus with cooking due to higher quality ingredients, it is not required. And most opportunities you get for fish is because you have the skill I believe.
21st June 2013 3:21am
Sophie says...
This helped a lot but my sim is always working at odd times 3pm till 9pm but I guess they open at that time anyways
12th January 2014 3:39pm
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