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The Sims 3 Guide to Children

Raising Kids: School, Homework, and Skills

Raising Kids in the Sims 3
TeenagersBirthdaysBake SalesTraits by Age
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Generations Additions: The Sims 3 Generations expansion pack brings many new features to childhood. If you want to read all about the new content for kids in the EP, have a look at Children in Generations. If your child had one as a toddler, they could be developing their Imaginary Friend.

This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Done a Good Job Raising Them?
If you've followed the parenting guide thus far, and used many of our tips to raising kids, your Sim's child should have been able to choose a trait. In addition, when your child first learns a skill, they will jump up a level immediately if they had training in that skill as a toddler. As such, they can view the skill journal. For example, after playing with the peg toybox for a couple skill levels in the toddler stage, learning the logic skill will immediately start them at level 3 logic once they've grown to a child. This gives your child a head start in school. An odd thing occured the first time my Sim's child slept. She learned the writing skill in her sleep and jumped to level 2.

The Childhood Life Stage
The Sims 3's children are much more like adult Sims than Toddlers. They now have free will, and can learn to cook (but not actually perpare) meals, chat on the computer, learn almost any other skill, go to school, and make friends. You'll also be happy to notice that they can stay home alone. If they spend a bit more time studying, and have a little less fun than other Sim kids, they can shoot straight up any job's career path so long as they maintain this momentum into the teenage years. Here I'll help you with raising a child Sim that tries to excel in life.

Sims 3 Parenting: Tutoring a child to teach them skillsChild Skills
Since children cannot cook or fix things, they can play with the little baker oven or genesis building blocks to raise the handiness and cooking skills interactively, while having fun. The skill journal tabs for those skills will appear when they're a teenager. They can learn all other Sims 3 skills the regular ways, aside from Charisma, Guitar, and Gardening. Teens can begin learning those skills. Children can work out with the stereo, television and pool, but an Athletic skill bar will not appear. This may however help them with future development once they age up to teenagers.

Choosing a Child's Lifetime Wish
Watch for lifetime wishes to appear in the wish panel occasionally. They don't pop up often. If you already have a general idea what you want your child's lifetime wish to be, start trying to develop an interest in that trade. For example, if your Sim wants to be a sports star, try to do some athletics (via Pool, Radio, or Television, a hidden skill until Teenager) to increase the odds that the lifetime wish will come up. Likewise for cooking, logic, fishing,and so on.

Attending School
Sims 3 Parenting: Off to school!All children must attend school. Elementary school hours are from 9AM(8 bus) to 3PM. It's just like a career, except the performance meter tops out once your child has an 'A'. There really isn't much to that is different from playing an adult Sim. They will occasionally get school opportunities, such as doing a research project. Their wishes will also sometimes go toward getting on the honor roll for multiple weeks (just have an 'A' grade 3 days in a row).

Doing Homework
Children should do their homework daily to boost school performance. If two kids are going to school at the same time, they may want to copy homework off of one another. Drag the homework to a table or other location, and the little cheater can copy the answers straight to their paper. The kid can get detention if caught, however.

Two Children can work together to get the homework done faster, and this doesn't count as cheating. At level 5 in logic, parents can tutor their child to help raise their school performance. Parents can also help kids with homework without fear of detention, as well. It sure beats getting caught cheating! To help, click the child's homework in their inventory. You'll then select which Sim will help them with the homework.

Sims 3 Parenting: Kid's Last Birthday as a ChildRaising them Well
Keep the kid's mood up, do homework, and have the occasional friend over and your child will do fine in life. I'll add that it's definitely worth it to buy toys like the dollhouse when it comes up, to earn the lifetime happiness points. In fact, childhood is a great time to rack up lifetime happiness and be able to purchase rewards very very early in life.

Give the Kid a Good Birthday!
Make your Child's last birthday as a kid a special one. They're about to grow up into teenagers with more responsibilities and a wide open world.

Raising Kids in the Sims 3
TeenagersBirthdaysBake SalesTraits by Age
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Comments (20)

SimsLuva says...
I Love the sims3 Generations. I already adopted 2 toddlers and a child. Plus my 2 teenager(Girl & Boy) who are graduating soon<3
8th July 2013 3:05am
Chase says...
Why isotopes that when I got home from the hospital my kid was already in the children stage
12th June 2013 1:44am
Scruffy911 says...
Here is a way to make your sim die. You can build another room seperate to your house. Put in a door, a fireplace and a radio. Put the radio facing a wall so your sim cannot turn it off. Get your sim inside the room and go on build and buy once he is inside. Get rid of the door and go back onto live mode. Make your sim light a fire and soon he will burn to death.
3rd March 2013 2:09am
Saki says...
I find it worthwhile (sometimes) to get children and teenagers to skip school altogether. This is especially useful if you intend to send them to science, or to be self employed through writing or painting. The childhood period can be spent mastering fishing and logic, and through that, lifetime reward points can be accumulated to correct any negative traits gained as a result of poor grades. Alternatively, one or two days of hard work in school is enough to reach a pass from a failing grade. Just saying...
6th July 2014 10:21pm
Tiffany says...
There is another way you can get your child's lifetime wish. Enter in 'testingcheatsenabled true' then shift click your child. Edit in CAS and you can then choose which lifetime trait they have regardless of their traits. (For those who don't know what I'm talking about, in the trait section of the personality tab, there are five lifetime wishes offered based on your traits. However there is a blank spot. Click it and it will give you the option to choose your lifetime wish.)
Hope I helped!
25th February 2013 8:44am
Noob ... says...
how do you know when to give your kid a birthday party?
27th January 2013 4:26pm
ilovekoreanstuff says...
There should be a pop-up saying "It's (name)'s Birthday! Why not throw a party and buy a cake?" Or something like that.
22nd May 2013 4:22pm
Lexicanium says...
That thing where your child learned 2 points of Writing in her sleep sounds like the effect of a Supernatural EP elixir, the Vial of Potent Enlightenment. The potion grants 2 skill points (iirc) in a random skill the next time the imbiber sleeps. If there's a chance your child got her hands on one of these, then that may provide an explanation of the mystery level-up.
19th January 2013 1:29pm
jack says...
there are also a set of books that a toddler can read that raise writing skill. I don't know why it happened in the sleep but it might be the reason.
26th May 2014 1:45pm
Graden Fifield says...
One of my Sims was impregnated, by an alien, he had an excesive weight gain. The baby aliens traits where- loner and clumsy. If I knew earlier about him being pregnant he would have better traits, is their a way I can get rid of the alien baby?
1st January 2013 9:06pm
Free says...
well in the sims 3, there is not a possible way to get rid of children. however, you can neglect them and then within a few days the social worker will come take the child away.
24th February 2013 11:05am
Lala says...
This does work, but the sim gets a moodlet that works like Heartbreak, and any other kids get taken away too.
12th July 2013 11:16am
LIv says...
if it' the traits you don't like you can do shift ctrl and cat the same time to bring up the cheat bar then put in testingcheatsenabled true do false afterward or your game will get a little mad at you and lag and crash if you leave it on to long shift click the baby and use modify traits
26th May 2014 12:23pm
Antalia says...
"They can learn all other Sims 3 skills the regular ways, aside from Charisma, Guitar, and Gardening." - Children in my game are unable to interact with the Sculpting Station. So they cannot learn Sculpting either.
23rd October 2013 4:14pm
Draven says...
A question if you don't mind me asking: Will your children be taken away by the government if they don't attend school? One of my teens accidentally over slept and missed the bus. Will this result in all of them being taken away after a few days of not showing up
8th February 2014 2:11pm
SimoneForbo says...
No but they will start to fail school.
19th February 2014 11:03pm
Kate says...
Someone please HELP my sim is not going too school when I click on the bus they just won't go they skipped school for 2 days.please help me why won't they go. All their needs are at the top of the bar I just don't know why they won't go
20th December 2012 1:29am
Jess says...
are they grounded? I found out my teen wouldn't go to school because her parents were telling her she was grounded.. it may be a glich but it was getting annoying for a while.
Not being able to go to school is part of being grounded.  Although, any adult in the household can let the teen off the hook without needing to do anything.  And a Sim with logic 5 or higher can tutor the teen to keep their grades up.
8th June 2013 9:59pm
Llv says...
how do you ground a child
26th May 2014 12:25pm
you're welcome says...
You can't do it, it happens when the child/teen does something naughty; breaks curfew, skips school, plays a prank. It comes in Generations.
23rd July 2014 2:34am
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