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List of Romantic Social Interactions and Where Sims Woohoo

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Woohoo in a Hot Tub in The Sims 3

In this guide to romantic interactions in The Sims 3, I'll show you how to make your Sim kiss someone, woohoo with them, or perform the many other romance actions available in the game. Many of the actions you'd want to find are not available at the start of a conversation - so you can't make your Sim run up to someone and start kissing them. You have to follow a process to set the mood for a kiss or to woohoo.

A lot of newbie Simmers are interested in The Sims 3's romance options, so I want to lay them out here and talk about the interactions available to a Sim without the Hopeless Romantic, Great Kisser or Flirty traits. I will also touch those three traits and the options they bring to the table. We'll also extensively cover Woohoo, and list all the places Sims can do that, including objects enabling more Woohoo options with expansion content installed.

The progression of conversation tones for romance is very simple. At first, the options on the Romance social menu are very limited. But, as your Sim proceeds through the levels - Flirty, Alluring, and Extremely Irresistible, more options like kissing, making out, and woohoo can be selected. I found three successful, strong interactions to be the norm for going up to a more steamy level. One interaction initiates Flirty and it's clockwork from there. These have escalating levels of boldness, meaning a Sim you've just met isn't likely to accept an invitation to make out on the bed/couch, or woohoo unless there is some relationship foundation to go on.

List of Romantic Interactions
Now I'll list the possible interactions, with what the other Sim needs to think of yours for them to become available. Note that it changes a bit once a Sim is an established Romantic Interest or higher - so you can kiss a Romantic Interest while merly being flirty, and don't have to go all the way to Irresistible in conversation. There is no "friend zone", a difficulty in switching a relationship from a friendship to romance, so increasing friendship level will make many options available earlier. However, this Guide's focus is more on when these unlock for the casual romantic encounter, a good base. I'll list them in the order of "romance power" or boldness I feel they have. I'll also list any traits that modify the success rate or effectiveness of the interaction. The first section will cover standing interactions. Then we'll get into the romance options when on an object.

Making Out in Bed in The Sims 3

Base Line and Flirty Romance Interactions

These interactions are available no matter where you are in conversation. You can come off being chatty and start setting the stage for romance with these.

Ask Sign Sims with the same sign get a small boost. Check out the Zodiac Compatibility Guide.
Ask if Single One Time, as above. This will let you know if they're married, engaged, or have a boyfriend/girlfriend. It's helpful to know, as committed interests are harder to secure.
Compliment Personality Modified by Charismatic/Flirty
Compliment Appearance Modified by Charismatic/Flirty
Pick Up Line Modified by Charismatic/Flirty
Flirt Modified by Flirty/Hopeless Romantic
Flirtatious Joke (Romantic Interest): Modified by Flirty. Does not count toward Joke total for Charisma Comedian Challenge.
Hold Hands (RI) Modified by Hopeless Romantic
Shy Kiss (RI) Modified by Hopeless Romantic
Kiss (RI) Modified by Great Kisser

Amorous Hug (RI): Modified by Hopeless Romantic. With the Kiss, the two most seductive options here.
Ask to Stay Over (RI): This only works if it's late enough in the day as prevention against a Sim leaving early. Not even available on a Fiancee early in the day.
Have Private Wedding (Fiancee): Instant Marriage. Remember to get married through a normal Wedding, you just need to use the cell to throw a wedding party and exchange vows during the party.


A strong interaction from this category is practically guarnateed to turn that Sim into a Romantic Interest.

Massage: Becomes Give Amazing Massage with Flirty. A good strong interaction to mix it up when trying to make it to Irresistble
Confess Attraction: Engage Romantic Interest by telling them
First Kiss: Modified by Great Kisser, This will also give both Sims a moodlet and unlock Kiss/Shy Kiss and Make Out (standing, bed, couch).
Make Out (Girlfriend/Boyfriend): Great Kisser. Girlfriend/Boyfriend can make out sooner into a romance session.


It's probably very hard to make it this far without a Sim becoming a Romantic Interest. All of these are listed as if they are already a RI. Of note, Pick Up Line vanishes. You've already got them interested.

Leap into Arms Modified by Flirty/Hopeless Romantic
Whisper in Ear Modified by Flirty/Hopeless Romantic
Stroke Cheek Modified by Flirty/Hopeless Romantic
Embrace Modified by Flirty/Hopeless Romantic
Make Out Great Kisser
Propose Going Steady: This will make the Sim your Girlfriend or Boyfriend
Propose Marriage: Make the Sim your Fiancee
Woohoo: Remember, you'll need to have an object you can Woohoo on nearby. Works at home when there's a bed. Always a small chance of Pregnancy.
Try for Baby: Like above, but with a high chance of pregnancy. See the Pregnancy Guide.

Romantic Interactions Given by Flirty and Hopeless Romantic

These traits both give a unique interaction to Sims that are great romance options. They're only unlocked if your Sim has each of these three. As you can see from above, they also do a lot for the effectivness of your many other romantic social interactions. These two along with many of the other specials are available from base line/flirty with these traits as well.

Tell Dirty Joke - Again, does not count as a joke for Comedian purposes. Just a way to set the mood and have your Sim make their move.

Hopeless RomanticHopeless Romantic
Gaze into Eyes

Woohoo in Bed in The Sims 3

Romantic Interactions and Objects - Where Sims Can Woohoo in The Sims 3

Objects are always involved when Sims Woohoo in The Sims 3. They need some cover, so there's no Woohoo on couch or in the park. Instead, the options always provide total concealment. One unique aspect of Woohoo this way is that you can initiate it faster. A simple 'Cuddle On' interaction is enough to get it started. Having two Sims using one of these can automatically offer them the option if they're romantic interests. Note that a lot of the interactions like hug can cause Sims to get out of the bed or hot tub. Cuddling, Woohoo, Make Out and Chatting are really the only options for love.

The place accessible to everyone. Get on the bed, cuddle and Woohoo away. You can also Make Out in bed.

Hot Tub & Elevator
The Hot Tub Woohoo is available with the Late Night expansion, something a lot of people wanted to be brought back to the game. There are a total of three hot tubs to choose from. Get inside, have the Sims cuddle, and they can then Woohoo. You also need Late Night to Woohoo in the elevator.

Time Machine/Sarcophagus
With Ambitions and World Adventures, respectively, your Sim gets the option to Woohoo in these two objects. The selection is made by clicking it and picking the Sim to Woohoo with. Obviously they need to be a Romantic Interest to pull this off. With the Time Machine, you may Woohoo in the Past or Future. This can lead to a baby.

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Emma-Lee says...
My gosh abbie, lissette was just wondering so just calm down!
24th May 2013 5:34am
bobherry says...
I agree with emma. But I have sims freeplay but I forget what to do becausen I lost my ipod in my room last jan. :'(
8th June 2013 5:22am
Brie says...
Its very strange where they can woohoo o-o

Some places you can woohoo are:

The Shower (Gen EP)
Elevator ( Late Night EP)
Haystacks (Pets EP)
Spa (Late night EP)
Leaf piles (Seasons EP)
Hot tubs (If the CC is installed. Found in some Worlds & Seasons & Late night)
29th July 2014 3:44pm
Fiona says...
I also found that you can take a tour of city hall in some towns with a partner and woohoo in the judge's chambers.

You can also woohoo in the gypsy wagon and the vault of antiquity if you have Supernatural expansion. I'm sure there are others as well.
1st November 2017 12:09pm
Simmylala says...
I just discovered this! Two of my Sims were going on a date and when they were touring the Theatre, I clicked on the Theatre and 3 new options came up: "Make out backstage with...", "WhooHoo backstage with..." "Try for baby backstage with..." I never knew you could do that! Here are some other places you could WhooHoo in...

The spa (Late Night EP): Put two Sims in a spa, click on the boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancée/husband/wife and press "Cuddle with..." Then while they are cuddling, click on them again and the option will come up to WhooHoo.
Beds (Sims 3 base game)
Elevators (Late Night EP): while your Sim's lover is in your apartment, click on the elevator to WhooHoo.
Haystacks (Pets EP): put a haystack on your Sim's lot and while their lover is around, click on it to WhooHoo with them.
Showers (Generations EP): this one is quick and easy because most Sims have showers. While your lover is in the house, click on the shower to WhooHoo with them.
That's all I know!
15th July 2014 1:49am
Tiger-Luv says...
So helpful thanks is this in sims 3 3ds thoubh reply soon been waiting ages for sims to have babies or woohoo.
16th October 2019 4:18am
Aaron says...
you can woohoo in the bot building station too. from Into the future
5th May 2014 7:02pm
Cass says...
My sims are romantic interests, but it will not go any further! I've tried a bunch of interacting between them, and once the "go steady" option came up, but when I clicked on it because the other sim had a bunch of negative moodlets, I don't think it happened. What do I do?
5th January 2014 12:08am
Buddy says...
Is it impossible to WooHoo with ex-girlfriends? I've tried all the ways that work with everyone else, but my exes keep holding out on me.
2nd June 2014 3:08pm
Hailey says...
You can also woohoo in a underground cave comes with island paradise
12th February 2014 9:31pm
gold-blhum says...
with supernatural you can woo-hoo in gypsy wagon not sure bout trying for baby though as long as you're in the park also in medieval which is a form a sims 3 you can woo-hoo in anything that looks tent-like and i think the woods
9th August 2013 1:29am
ski says...
U can whoohoo in hot tub on sims3 pets and I know how to get lots of money and good houses on Sims Xbox and Sims PS3 c
23rd February 2014 5:12pm
Sarah says...
Also, When your sim and their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner tour the Theater, there is an option for WooHoo backstage and Try for baby backstage, and there is also a small chance that they will get caught or thrown out.
25th January 2014 6:29pm
Ayaka Rain says...
How to make two sims wooho in another place besides the bed. For example, I've tried to woohoo in the fairy house but I can't seem to get the other person to come and woohoo with me. Besides that issue how do I do that in general in another area.
30th June 2014 8:00pm
Anonymus says...
You can also Woohoo in a photobooth. Phtobooths are in showtime and university life
1st January 2014 5:02pm
Simmylala says...
Hey Carl,
What would be your favourite place for your Sims to WhooHoo in?
15th July 2014 1:55am
Allie says...
You can also woohoo in igloos and leaf piles (seasons) and in treehouses (generations)
25th July 2014 9:30am
Rachel says...
I posted this question in romantic relationships as well, but considering it's involving an interaction, I figured I'd post it here. My original couple have six children and a cat, and I want their oldest to propose to her boyfriend, but the "propose marriage" interaction won't come up. Is it a glitch, or is it because there are too many people in the house, or...? Is there any way to fix this other than have her move in with him and switch to that household (which I do not want to do)?
4th November 2015 11:16pm
McKenna says...
You can also woohoo in a haystack with someone!
22nd September 2015 5:53pm
Riley says...
I have the sims freeplay so can I do the woohoo in bed and stuff or no??
25th March 2014 9:45am
M says...
23rd July 2014 5:59pm
Leandra says...
so their is this guy in sims 3 who wont kiss me because he has a gf how do i get him to kiss me and tell him to break up with her?
13th November 2015 11:23am
Gabe says...
Can either of two sims (housemates and best friends) without flirty or hopeless romantic or anything develop a romantic interest in the other without any influence by me?
14th June 2014 2:02am
Ash says...
I have sims 3 on the 3DS, how do I make them woohoo there? Or is it the same?
17th December 2013 12:46pm
FeMzEe says...
Is the photobooth the only place in university to woohoo that's new?
4th November 2013 12:58am
Awesome girl says...
I was wondering how do u get the sims to try for a baby it showed up once the doorbell rang and I answered it and when I went to see if it was still on there it was gone why and when your husband likes a girl does that lower your changes of trying for a baby please get back to me soon
28th July 2013 11:56pm
Lollipopsims says...
You can also woohoo in tree houses too (I believe it's generations that it comes with)
21st August 2013 1:01am
Sims Player says...
Can you WooHoo in the shower in regular Sims 3 Pets? If so, how?
As far as I know that woohoo came with Generations but it may have come in the patch and not just with the expansion. The best way to find out is to have two lovers ready to try for baby just by clicking on them and then click on a nearby shower that you know they can get inside.
8th August 2013 7:36pm
T says...
How do u get the sims to b more than best friends. I have no romantic interactions available.
16th February 2014 7:53pm
bau says...
On the Sims 3 for Wii, I just simply Whoohoo ed, and my Sim an hour later got sickness and She was pregnant!
23rd October 2013 5:39pm
Jack says...
I haven't seen anyone else post this yet, but with seasons, you can Woo Hoo in an igloo. Just click on the snow and build one.
27th June 2017 10:43pm
Jack says...
Forgot to mention, have both Sims relax inside and then they can cuddle and/or woohoo
27th June 2017 10:49pm
Playalot says...
This info is mentioned briefly on the Seasons Guide - winter:
28th June 2017 9:00pm
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