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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Guide

Unlocking Uncharted Islands with Maps and Hints

by Carl and Ricalynn

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
Scuba DivingResortsMermaidsDiscovering IslandsMap Fragments & BottlesLifeguard

An Uncharted Island, waiting to be discovered in The Sims 3 Island Paradise

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack features a new town, Isla Paradiso, surrounded by eight uncharted islands that can be discovered. Each has a requirement to unlock it based on a gameplay feature that comes with the Expansion Pack. You'll have to do a lot of work to unlock them all on a single save file. Of course there is cheat to discover all islands, but this guide is directed at people who would like to unlock one or all of the hidden islands themselves.

About Uncharted Islands
These are seen in the ocean around Isla Paradiso. They're covered in a fog that will bump your camera away if you attempt to zoom in. On all but one island, sailing up to it is useless and a tooltip simply informs, "I wonder what's down there". With this guide, you'll know all you need in order to find out and see for yourself. Most of these Islands are good for private homes or Resorts, while others have treasure as a reward for revealing them.

When you fill the requirements, you discover one of Isla Paradiso's Uncharted Islands, and it is instantly owned by your Sim's Household. All discovered islands automatically become private lots. You can click the Island's icon in map mode to move to your new island to start a home, or convert it to a Resort lot. It's all up to you. Many Sims 3 players will unlock them and choose a favorite to start a new home or build a massive luxurious resort with an amazing ocean view.

How to sell an Uncharted Island you have unlocked in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
You can Sell unwanted Uncharted Islands for Profit

Selling Uncharted Islands
You can sell an Uncharted Island for profit if you know that you will not be using it. After selling them, they become private lots unowned by you and you can do nothing with them. These are worth tens of thousands, so selling some of the Islands is definitely worth considering. In order to sell a discovered Island, use your Sim's Cell Phone, select Real Estate and Travel Services then Check Real Estate. Go to the Private Lots tab, select an Island, and choose Sell at the bottom. If a lot has been converted to a Resort from Private Lot, its sell value will plummet so only convert if you'll build a good resort there as you cannot change it back to a Private Lot.

Isla Paradiso Uncharted Island Map

Here is a map showing where you find all of the Uncharted Islands in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack. Each picture on this page is clickable, allowing you to see the Isla Paradiso Island Map in full size. Descriptions on how to unlock each, the rewards you get when finding an island are below the map. At the bottom of the page, you can Comment and share your tips for revealing the hidden islands faster!

An Island Paradise Map marking the locations of all eight uncharted islands with their names below
Isla Paradiso Map Key
1: Beryl Shoals2: Diver's Den3: No Trouble Atoll4: Cay to the City
5: Refuge Island6: Mermaid's Secret7: Plunder Cove8: Plumbob Island

Discovery Requirements & Island Finder Rewards

Size is the size of the lot in edit town but not exactly the build area you get to work with when building a home or resort. Build Area is the estimated size of the area that is able to be used when you first receive your island. We judged the islands and categorized them into Small, Medium or Large just based on this initial look. With some extensive editing, some of the small islands could be customized to hold a larger home or resort if that is your wish.

For instance, the island of Plunder Cove rests on a 64 x 64 lot with a large hill taking up much of that space. With the creative use of certain terrain tools, you could flatten out the top to create a Pirate Lookout tower. There's the option to flatten the whole lot and then use the soften terrain tool to reform the coast line to set up your very own hidden mermaid inlet. Or maybe you'd enjoy raising the terrain on the edges to create cliffs surrounding your very own waterworld home. With any of these tools and others available in Build mode plus some planned imagination, these little islands could be any of your big dreams.

1: Beryl Shoals

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Beryl Shoals
Beryl Shoals
Build AreaSmall
To unlock this Island, simply take a boat nearby and it will be automatically discovered. It is the only island you can unlock through naval exploration.
RewardYou'll own an Island that could be your new home. Unfortunately, the only spawner is a Common Sea Shell spawner.

2: Diver's Den

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Diver's Den
Diver's Den
Build AreaMedium
Reach level 10 in the Scuba Diving. Go to that Guide to learn more about this and the cave you need to enter in order to find the island.
RewardTreasure Chest with $1200, gold, iron, palladium, and silver. Aside from that, there are a couple spawners.

3: No Trouble Atoll

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - No Trouble Atoll
No Trouble Atoll
Build AreaLarge
Create a Five-Star Resort to unlock this island.
RewardA huge build area to make a Mega-Resort and upgrade your business.

4: Cay to the City

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Cay to the City
Cay to the City
Build AreaMedium
Rescue 35 Sims as a Lifeguard. This will take a long time, as CPR does not count - only pulling Sims out of the water, and the job can be slow-paced to begin with.
RewardA decent Resort area. I saw no good Spawners. Shame, since this one takes one of the longer time investments.

5: Refuge Island

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Refuge Island
Refuge Island
Build AreaSmall
Talk to a clerk at the sparkling sands resort and check in to the cheapest room available for two days. Talk to the clerk and ask for adventure. You'll be sent on an opporunity chain to talk to an old Sim, the Science Faciity, collect 3 Kelp (grows underwater), and Firewalk. I suggested this Resort because it has a Firewalking pit. Afterward, you'll need to fight a Shark. Carry lots of fish and Watch Shark until they finally attack you. The more raw meat on you, the more likely the attack. Save just in case your Sim dies to the Shark. Finally, return to the Science Facility to unlock the Island.
RewardThere's nothing major here, just another accomplishment for completionists. The Resort building area is tiny and the only thing I saw was a lone Fishing spot that looked decent. There could be more.

6: Mermaid's Secret

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Mermaid's Secret Island
Mermaid's Secret Island
Build AreaMedium
Befriend a Mermaid. Once your Sim knows one, you can Click your Sim to do an interaction to call a Mermaid to you if they're available. Get relationship over 70% and hang out with the Mermaid - scuba diving worked for me. Do nothing, but wait for the Mermaid to decide to show you the secret entrance.
RewardMermaid's Secret Island has a couple of great Sea Shell spawners and a decent area for you to build a beautiful Resort or make your Sim a Fantasy home on the shore.

7: Plunder Cove

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Plunder Cove
Plunder Cove
Build AreaSmall
In order to gain access to Plunder Cove, you must assemble the four map pieces. Two can be found using the Scuba Diving skill, and I've got pictures to help you find those map parts in treasure chests. Trouble is, that is only two of the four you need. Afterward, you must get them from Sea Shell spawners. Given the annoyance of finding them, I created a page with information on getting the last two map pieces to unlock the island.
RewardPlunder Cove contains a Treasure Chest that holds $1,200 Simoleons and a variety of colorful gems. Look for it hidden in the bushes on the Island.

8: Plumbob Island

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Plumbob Island
Plumbob Island
Build AreaSmall
Find a special Message in a Bottle that contains a riddle which leads to the Island. This can take a while, so I suggest you follow the link to a guide which will help you find that bottle.
RewardTreasure Chest with $3,333 in it, an Evolution of the Plumbob painting worth $12k Simoleons, and a Plumbob Cut Rainbow Gem

Isla Paradiso Map

Here is the same map from before, only with all islands revealed so you can see a full view of Island Paradise's World. Simmers who find all the Islands in IP will get many treasures, skill, and job experience along the way and unlock many spawner locations to find great collectibles.

A map of Isla Paradiso with all Uncharted Islands revealed so you can see the landscape of the entire world

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Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers.

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Allen says...
Hey y'all you don't need to find or do anything just type testing cheats enabled true And type DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands
22nd July 2013 12:47am
Cynaka says...
This site have ALWAYS be useful for me. Always update, always correct. You know this site is so in my SAVE/FAV.
14th July 2013 2:10pm
Tori says...
I tried the cheat to unlock the islands but it didn't work and I need to what is going on with it
15th September 2013 5:08pm
Yea nope says...
You need to do testing cheats enabled first
19th May 2018 11:18pm
Minakie says...
If you find a few islands and then change the active household for that world, what happens to the islands? Are they still available for the new family or do they need to be unlocked again?
10th December 2013 4:14pm
Simlover- says...
Believe it or not, you can complete the Refuge Island chain at ANY resort. I tried it at La Costa Verde and it completed easily. Even your own resort should be able to have it done as long as you have a firewalk pit.
6th November 2013 9:43am
Cat says...
So, I need to not be a mermaid anymore it seems. Is there anyway to become human or a non mermaid sim? :) Like I am thinking the Potent Cure elixir, or maybe having a human or non mermaid sim join my household and ask my sim to unbecome a mermaid if thats an option?> any ideas how I can unbecome a mermaid so I can get attacked by the shark when the time comes?> Or can I just let her dry up? I dont want her to die though! lol Just something that makes her human again
22nd December 2013 2:51am
Soph says...
If you don't want to be a mermaid anymore the best way to do it without spending money or using an LTR is to just not go swimming or bathe or shower or anything for around four sim days. Then because your hydration will be low you will magic back into human/sim
24th July 2014 1:56pm
explorer says...
Actually, if you don't take care of your hydration need, you will just have a negative moodlet (I don't know if you can die too).

The way to stop being a mermaid is simply not to touch the sea water for some time (you can shower, wash hands and swim in pools however).
After some time has passed, you will get a moodlet with -5 mood which says that you need to go in saltwater. Of course, don't.
You can avoid swimming while traveling around isla paradiso if you choose "boat here" before you get to a different island, otherwise, as a mermaid, you will swim there by default.
After the -5 moodlet goes off, you will get another one, named "adapting to land" with -15 mood. If you let that go off too without touching the sea water (no swimming/snorkeling/scuba diving, not even quiting a boat and floating in it) you will turn into a normal sim.

Another way to do it is to create a potent cure elixir, but I have not tried that method yet.
9th August 2014 12:39am
Lina says...
For plumbob island a LTR can unlock it I think it is unlock all map pieces hope it helps
30th December 2013 5:19pm
cinderellachick says...
what is the cheat to discover all the islands. the one listed doesnt work and the testing cheats are enabled ???
14th April 2014 4:05pm
Jacobs says...
Hey is there any other way than cheats to unlock the islands cause i don't like doing stuff with cheats
BTW: love your website ;)
2nd September 2013 8:26am
Em says...
There is still SO much fog on every one of my islands, and i cant see a thing! how do i get rid of the fog?
22nd March 2014 2:07pm
Kay says...
I believe if you go into build mode, there is a silver/grey orb there that spawns the fog. You can remove it the same way as deleting an object.
7th September 2015 12:20pm
Kaitlyn says...
whats the cheat to unlock all this island >:(
discoverAllUnchartedIslands. Make sure that testingcheats are enabled
30th June 2013 9:11pm
sombum says...
I'm trying to unlock beryl shoals but no matter how close I swim or boat to the island it won't unlock. I don't know what to do . Is there a certain area I'm supposed to boat by ?
17th May 2014 8:34pm
Katie says...
Are you certain you're at the the right island? For a while I thought I was at the correct one, but I wasn't. Once I found the right one, my sim discovered it immediately. I know that's not super helpful, but it's the best I've got:-\
13th July 2014 1:17pm
Caz says...
Is the a way to reverse the discover all uncharted islands cheat?
No.  Once they are discovered there is no way to hide them unless you move your household into a new Isla Paradiso save.
21st July 2013 11:29am
Marlee says...
You can also put the lots up for sale, then you no longer own them.
19th September 2015 12:37pm
Melissa says...
I accidentally discovered the Mermaid island less than an hour into the game by going on a date with a mermaid - she immediately took my sim there. Don't know if that was just my luck or what. My sim and her did have max relationship (by cheat).
24th July 2013 4:18am
Anonymous says...
What cheat did u use
16th August 2014 9:50pm
Isabelle says...
I love your site! It is always very insightful and detailed. Now that I have discovered my first island and I have moved to it, how do I sell my previous lot? I have tried the real estate section of my sims' phone and computer. Thanks!
That's where it should be under Owned properties. Click on the address and then hit the coin button.
7th July 2013 6:58pm
SillySimmer says...
UNLOCKING PLUNDER COVE EASIER! I don't know if anyone has said but yet you can unlock Plunder Cove by buying a map from your lifetime wishes list for 25 000 I think. It worked for me! Not sure if it unlocks Plunder Cove every time, I've done it once and that's the island I got!
5th July 2013 9:51pm
Marlee says...
Is there a way you can sell private islands? I know you can change them to a regular lot... Or is there a way I can make certain sims live on certain islands?
4th January 2014 7:45pm
explorer says...
1. To sell a discovered island:

With a computer, click on "real estate... check real estate".
With a smartphone, click on "real estate and travel services... check real estate".

This will open up a list with all the lots you own. To filter your results, discovered islands are on the fifth tab (private lots, square-with-a-star icon), along with other houses or houseboats you may own.

There is a big coin icon under the list, which you can click to sell a lot after you select it.

2. To build on a discovered island:

Go to map view (press M), find and click on the floating icon of your owned private lot. Then, click "real estate... buy/build on this lot" to make a house.
You can even move there by selecting "move to this private lot" under the same menu of the map icon.
9th August 2014 12:32am
cat says...
I have the grand explorer lifetime wish.I have found all the islands no cheating and my the lifetime wish is still unfinished. Is this a common problem?
22nd July 2013 6:18pm
Tummy Tuck says...
I just finished discovering all the islands myself. Unfortunately "grand explorer" never fulfilled. I tried visiting each island, going into buy mode and live mode hoping to nudge it into noticing, but nothing worked.
Restarting the game and clearing caches didn't work?
23rd July 2013 6:01pm
Marc says...
Hey I know I'm late but I have a question and PLZ answer.
I am best friends with a mermaid it's trion king ( or smthn like that) but he is not showing me the island! I'm hanging out with him ALL the time and still nothing! And sometimes I give him time to talk but he dosnt take me !! So I tried another mermaid and still the same think happened! What do I do ?? ( and I don't like using cheats! )
18th July 2013 3:21am
Anonymous says...
Go dive with him. Then talk to him while diving together. That's how my sim got showed to the Island.
Before I did so both my sims were best friends with one or two mermaids each and they hanged out alot. But it wasn't before I dived with one of them that they showed me.
Good luck!
30th July 2013 9:02am
keely says...
i tried the cheat for unlocking the islands but it didn't work. what am i doing wrong?
24th July 2013 9:41pm
flo says...
I found a message in a bottle (on Beryl Shoals the day I discovered this island.) I suppose I had chance. Now what can I do with that bottle? Is it for Plumbob Island?
if it didn't give you a map fragment or discover an island then it's just a normal run of the mill message in a bottle and can be sold for the diver career.
3rd August 2013 6:17pm
Ant says...
testingcheatsenabled true shift touch or whatever do witch the island delete the blur and ready =D
14th November 2015 12:38pm
Kendra says...
I haven't seen a single bottle anywhere, I found 2 map pieces in treasure chests. Do you absolutely need to find the bottled messages to unlock the island.
No if your chests reset then all you have to do is go back to them.
19th July 2013 4:18pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
I have opportunity Firewalk from the Science Lab. I have crossed over and walked the Firewalk now more than ten times but it still is saying I didn't complete everything? I completed the Firewalk Lifetime Happiness wish so, I'm wondering what else do I have to do??:( I'm stuck in this quest at the Firewalk level.
Trying buying one that you own and see if that makes a difference.
1st July 2013 10:09am
Rinda says...
the firewalk has to be on scorching hot.
I've been able to complete it on hot at least three times now.
1st July 2013 3:39pm
Naomi says...
I set my firewalk to cool, and still completed the opportunity over multiple games. So maybe it is a case of the firepit being too hot and your sim failing at it, and if you set it to cool, you could walk straight across successfully.
5th March 2014 7:04pm
Bonnie says...
Im stuck on this too! its annoying me so much, ive even tried to fight the shark after ive firewalked and nothings working :(
16th July 2013 5:06pm
Nikola says...
happened to me to,make sure when your sim firwalks he does it propely, sometimes they fail at it, but if that doesnt work cancel the quest and start it again,it worked for me..:)
19th July 2013 12:11pm
Ramon says...
Make sure you have lots of fish on you. Then the shark will attack
5th December 2013 1:27am
Stormi says...
I already have one of the islands(im not sure which one) but i was wondering if i could build on the entire thing?
You can only build on the lot that is given to you there. The size of the lot is the little white squares. To do more than that you would have to go into Edit Town and make the lot bigger or place a new one which will remove all vegetation and spawners.
3rd July 2013 12:59pm
Ana says...
Hi! I've got an adventure that is to unlock an uncharted island and one of the steps is to firewalk successfully. I checked into a resort and used the firewalk pit successfully but whenever I try and report on progress at the science facility it just says you have not completed the challenge. I have tried to firewalk many times and it's just not working!! What could be wrong?
18th August 2013 1:00pm
private says...
Thats actually a real email address just saying and to get the refuge island you need to fight a shark. Can you still get in a shark attack if your a mermaid?
Mermaids cannot be attacked by sharks.
30th June 2013 12:27pm
Nomii says...
Just purchased this - can you get your sims living in another world like riverview to visit one of the island resorts on a holiday? Thanks :)
17th December 2013 2:41pm
non says...
my sims lifetime wish Uncharted Island has been fulfilled strange since he's not done yet questing, and the 4 islands that left still hidden????
27th October 2013 9:00pm
Kenneth says...
It's probably a Glitch. Did you customized the Cache, or Installed a mod?
24th September 2015 8:29am
Ashleigh says...
Hiya, I just discovered the first island and I can't even go near it because my game goes all funny and jumpy plus I have a really faint image of map view on my game when I'm near it, any idea what this is? Thanks.
19th August 2013 7:47am
KC says...
Can u own a resort even if you live in a different neighborhood? hehe noob question sorry
4th August 2013 1:09am
Tommy says...
While the basic land mass is the same my hidden island setup is nothing like what is pictured. Where Beryl Island is, I have a dive spot and my large hidden island is at 7. Plunder Cove's spot... randomised?
15th August 2013 5:04pm
Anonymous says...
I'm a mermaid and all my people are and my daughters dating a mermaid but I've never ever found the mermaid island I don't know what to do please someone answer this
16th August 2014 9:45pm
Anna says...
My sim is a mermaid and i want to unlock the mermaid's island. Do i do the same thing as if i wouldnt be a mermaid already?
8th August 2013 6:30am
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