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The Sims 3: Master Chef / Culinary Librarian Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

Cooking in The Sims 3 is a skill that is beneficial to every character. You can prepare some amazing meals that keep Sims full longer, and even make them happier. I decided to try to make a Sim who would pursue a cooking life time wish. There are two choices here: The Culinary Librarian and Celebrated Five-Star Chef.

The Culinary Librarian feels more like a skill that I would normally give to a Sim that is a homemaker. They know how to make everyone's favorite meal! Celebrated Five-Star chef is more for the ambitious Sim that wants to rise to the very pinnacle of the Cooking career path. For the purposes of making a guide for cooking, I went with the Culinary Librarian because I'd be more driven to learn every recipe in the Sims 3.

For my character, I chose the following traits, which I feel are good for a Master Chef:

Reading the books at their local library is a good way for Sims to improve the cooking skill at higher levels.Good Sense of Humor: This will help my Sim befriend her co-workers by delivering better jokes.

Handy: My Sim will be making heavy use of the handiness skill by upgrading everything in her home to make life easier, so that she can advance in her career faster. This also keeps her safe from death by electric shock.

Natural Cook: This trait provides a number of benefits. She'll never burn food, never cause a fire, will learn cooking faster and can even learn recipes from tasting foods like a true Master Chef! Coupled with the handy trait, this makes my Sim much less likely to die in an accident at home.

Perfectionist: The perfectionist trait causes Sims to spend a bit more time on cooking and other tasks like that, but they tend to do it better. I hope to make more Perfect food by having this trait along with Natural Cook.

Neat: Gives several neat features to cleaning. For one, it can be fun. This is good for my cooking Sim because she'll have to clean up after her co-workers when she invites them to a meal to build relationships. I don't like spending $125 a day for the maid service at all, and the clean house option makes it easier to clean every surface.

Lifetime Wish: Culinary Librarian: I'll get my bulk of Lifetime happiness points by learning every recipe in the Sims 3. Someday, she'll be able to afford a food replicator.

The Sim is really built like a Gordon Ramsay. If you've ever seen Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares you'll know that he frequently assails other "chefs" for their nasty kitchens. He also has a good sense of humor and is a bit perfectionistic about his cooking. You don't send bad food in his restaurants! You'll notice that I didn't bother with adding gardening or fishing related traits, although I intend to pursue those in her free time as well. I will need my Sim to have the ability to make Ambrosia, and that will take death fish and life fruit.

Setting Up The House
I always build my own house in the Sims 3. I feel that if I do this, I can tailor the house to fit their needs more easily. I went a different route than I usually do by buying her an 8-energy expensive single bed. I usually buy the bad one and upgrade later. I figured a good night's rest, and a more quickly filling energy bar would benefit her a lot.

With everything else, I bought the worst furnishings and appliances available. She can later desire better stuff, which will give me some easy lifetime happiness points to spend.

Watching Cookin' Cable will raise your Sim's cooking skill all the way up to the tenth level while providing fun.

Early Game
My Sim immediately gets a job in the culinary career path. I was not obsessive with promotions, but rather spent more time raising the cooking skill so that her mood could be boosted after every meal. I really like the Kick Up A Notch action chefs can perform after cooking a meal. If a food had a rating of Very Nice, this would push it up to Great, granting a slightly better moodlet. I noticed this can even be done with pizza after I'd invited her boss over for a little good old-fashioned butt kissing. The cooking skill really rises fast with this set up, and using practice cooking at work means you raise it even faster. Additionally, watching cookin' cable on her cheap television satisfies fun (slightly) while gently nudging up the cooking skill.

Cooking is still going up steadily, and reaches level 8 by this point. My Sim has not risen very high in the culinary career at this point, only achieving level 5, line cook. I resolve to fix this problem by inviting over more co-workers. The relationship with the boss is literally off the charts as she has become my Sim's best friend. The co-workers are not too hard to manage, as she can more quickly befriend them with her great jokes and awesome meals. As Sims get better at cooking a particular meal the more they do it, I make Grilled Salmon her speciality. This makes it more likely she can make it either excellent or outstanding, although not quite Perfect. Although she can no longer attend cooking school for a quick boost in skill, she still receives bonuses from watching cookin' cable. I guess this is the result of total immersion in her field. The TV gets bigger and better, but that channel never changes!

Transcending into a Cooking Master
I learned that this is really one of the easiest lifetime wishes to achieve. My Sim had no problems reaching the tenth level in the culinary career track. The lifetime wish is also very easy to accomplish. Why? There really aren't any barriers. None of the recipes requires a special opportunity to unlock.

The most difficult recipe, Ambrosia runs 12,000 simoleons at the book store. In fact, my Sim was very lucky and picked up the Ambrosia recipe from cookin' cable (A good reason not to immediately switch to other entertainment sources at level 10). After that, a quick trip to the book store provided my Sim with the angel food cake ingredients she needed. Ambrosia is a really great meal and will provide its own moodlet, but in order to prepare it you must have death fish and life fruit. The gardening and fishing skills really complement the Perfect Cooking Sim.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Barbett says...
I got it by accident to be honest. She isn't even at level 10 I just had her as a stay at home housewife and reading recipe books in her spare time. I think bookworm helped a lot with this.
2nd October 2018 10:01am
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