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The Sims 3 Mooch: Heartbreaker Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

The Sims 3 Mooch / Heartbreaker

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Today, I am going to make a Sim named Hank who pursues the Heartbreaker lifetime wish, one of the more challenging wishes in the Sims 3. He wants to be the boyfriend of ten Sims. Sims can only have one girlfriend or boyfriend at a time, so he'll have to captivate them, go steady with them, then break up with them down a line. Since I wanted a challenge, this Sim will not have access to any employment. He's going to live by mooching alone. It will be hard to pay the bills at times, but he will get plenty of enjoyment out of life by wooing women.

These are the traits I chose for my heartbreaker. Some of them are the best you can find for this goal.

The Flirty trait will help Hank to flirt with other Sims. He will enjoy a higher success rate with flirty interactions, gain some special interactions, and be able to flirt earlier in a relationship.

Great Kisser
Hank is an amazing kisser. When he kisses a Sim, they'll get a mood boost. The kiss will also raise the relationship bar more than usual.

Hopeless Romantic
This trait lends a large selection of romantic interactions. They'll also be more likely to succeed. This makes Hank better at romance overall.

This will be his secondary income stream. He'll live on opportunities and mooching. Mooching is not a very good way to make money, but it will pay for meals while Hank completes opportunities to pay the bills. I guess you could say he does odd jobs.

This makes him better at socializing in every way, and provides some extra ways to make friends and move that relationship bar. The charisma skill will increase faster as well.

Hank's lifetime wish is to break the hearts of ten women. To do this, he must break up with ten other Sims. This means going steady, then breaking up soon after. This process usually involves Going steady, then WooHoo followed by complaints and insults directed at everything Hank knows about the Sim.

Getting Started

I make my Heartbreaker Sim a rather small house, fit for having one to two guests. A two-person bed is a must, and I want him to get a good night's sleep every night. Thus, I budget big when it comes to the bed. The house gets all the basics a Sim needs to live, but I have nothing else. He also needs a nice couch, and I pick the best one I can afford to basically end the shopping spree. He has no way to have fun. I was looking for a challenge.

Hank's first action is to head to the park. He immediately starts meeting and greeting other Sims, in an effort to work on his charisma skill and make some connections for mooching. He manages to mooch about $6. He meets an elderly woman, Yumi Sekemoto, and he makes her swoon. She's going to be one of his first targets. Their day in the park is so long that Yumi wets herself because Hank has her so allured. She rejects his first kiss. I guess Hank hasn't refined his talent yet.

Since Yumi can't come over the next day (he tries twice), Hank spends his time investing in the future. He raises charisma to level 3, using the skill book he started with from the charismatic trait. He hopes that a more refined charisma skill will help make mooching and romancing easier.

Hank once again calls Yumi, to find that she again has something come up at the last second and can't come over. I'm sensing a pattern here. Three times in a row? Come on! Hank heads to the park to meet other women, putting Yumi on hold for now. He gets to use his charming introduction on Cornelia Goth. She also lets him mooch 2 bucks. Only 78 to go to prove mooching is viable to pay the bills, as the bill came on monday and was for $80. Hank learns Cornelia is in a relationship with Gunther. This does not bother Hank at all. He's slime to the core. He even gossips about Yumi, telling Cornelia about her loss of bladder control at the park two days ago.

In a rather awkward moment, Yumi shows up at the park to sit with Hank and Cornelia and she stinks. Has she had a shower since her incident? Hank abandons his wishes to hang out with Yumi from then on. Since there is still some time left in the day, and Cornelia's bladder is getting the better of her, Hank heads to the library to read some of Charisma volume 2. He caps out at level 3, requiring 2 friendships and 4 relationships to advance.

After Hank's long day at the park with Cornelia, he gets a good night's sleep. He has a desire to mooch a lot of money from Cornelia, and she's unemployed so I think it's likely she'll come over even though it's a weekday. He serves autumn salad for lunch and invites her over. He almost blows it, with a string of hopeless romantic actions because of her relationship. She's not willing to get romantic just yet, and she's unflirty to boot. I solidify their friendship today, with plans to try harder next time. He manages to mooch a "large amount of simoleons" from her, which amounts to only $9. Oh dear. I'm not sure which will be more challenging, winning over Cornelia or surviving by mooching.

Hank heads to the park again to meet and greet the citizens of Sunset Valley. He meets a Sim named Holly Alto, and tries to hit on her, but she's a teen. Regardless, he manages to become friends with her, to help satisfy charisma requirements. He also meets her mom, Vita, who's another romance option. He can also wait on Holly to grow up. Mooching does fairly well because Vita is rich. A "small amount" gets him $9. He's up to $63, and the bills are $62.

Hank wants to raise his Charisma skill, and I'm happy to oblige for multiple reasons. One of them is to free up his wish slots. He wants to learn handiness and raise charisma. I do both at the library, after phoning Yumi to convert her to a friend. Yumi is at the library while my Sim is reading, and fulfills a wish to mooch some simoleons from her. He's a real user. After he's got what he needed, he heads home to phone Cornelia.

After Hank completes a Charisma Opportunity to greet someone, all his friendships become a bit stronger, and he converts a couple people he knows of to acquaintances. He needs a fourth friend and a couple more contacts to raise charisma again, so I work his magic at the park as usual. A phone call to Vita from the park converts her to a friend and his Charisma is bumped to level 6 immediately.

While on that park visit, he meets Nancy Landgraab, a woman quite susceptible to his charm. Although she's married, he manages to make her best friends and tells her dirty jokes while getting all the more flirtatious. He whispers in her ear, then tells her goodbye. Their friendship is rock solid, and he plans to convert her to a girlfriend later. His list of friendships is growing, and he has several women he knows very well. Now he needs only fill out some more acquaintance slots and advance to charisma level 7. To get to level 7, Sims require 5 friends and 10 total relationships.

While he hasn't broken any hearts yet, my Heartbreaker Sim is working toward his lifetime wish. The strong relationships he's forming are going to come in handy very soon. He gets to sell the level 1 charisma book that came from charismatic, and gets $220 simoleons from it. That will buy meals for several days and pay the bills three times. He's never having fun though. He needs a way to have fun with his female marks.

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Charming Charisma says...
Tried the heartbreaker... great trait I used in place of his moocher is irresisable. I found it is cool to use the break up for text.. but it won't work unless you have a fight. Learned the hard way. Thought I was getting credit for sims I broke up with since was "boyfriend and girlfriend" but didn't count unless argue or call him names, etc... then break up. Sometimes break up took a couple rounds to become effective. Then used the clean slate wish so my sim was not such a "well used up sim" LOL.
1st September 2013 1:25am
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