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The Sims 3 Mooch: Heartbreaker Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

The Sims 3 Mooch / Heartbreaker

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Hank invites Nancy Landgraab over at 7am that Sunday. He plans to try to make his move on her, and serve her a nice autumn salad. The plan works brilliantly. He greets her at the door with his flirtatious charm, and gets his first kiss on the lawn. He then asks her to break up with Geoffrey, and she agrees! He makes them autumn salad, and they WooHoo in the bed. He then promptly mooches a large amount of money from her and breaks up. Life is harsh for Nancy Landgraab, who divorced her husband and got dumped by her lover in the same day. The mooching didn't work, unfortunately, and Hank is in a bad mood, which seems a bit out of character.

After the breakup, my Sim has a random wish to watch Cookin' Cable and raise his Cooking skill. I agree with Hank, this is a great idea. His autumn salads will be even better. Some day, when he owns a stove it will help even more. It's going to be tough to afford one mooching though. After his trip to the gym to watch cookin' cable, he goes home and invites Cornelia over. He manages to break through her barriers and score a first kiss. He invites her to sleep over, but she's in too bad a mood to make out or be asked to go steady. Still, her cards are on the table at last.

Hank has lost some friends, so makes some calls to the neglected women to restore lost friendships. Unfortunately, if Hank makes too many ex-girlfriends right now he'll have a harder time raising the charisma skill. Ex-girlfriends, no matter how high their bars, are not counted as friends. Thankfully, Romantic Interests are. So, Hank can gather multiple lovers without going steady. Nancy Landgraab was nothing more than a proof of concept to Hank, who will now try to gather love interests rather than girlfriends for a while.

If Hank is to advance as a social beast, he'll need to meet more people. He chills in the park, library and other public areas to meet new Sims. Once he has plenty of acquaintances, he can expect to start calling the beautiful, and hopefully rich, women he's met. When the park is a total sausage fest, he meets some male Sims. They can serve as acquaintances for the purposes of raising charisma (and nothing more). Girlfriends count toward the friend total for charisma, so my Sim makes Cornelia Goth his trophy. He won't intentionally break up with her, but if something does happen (and I have a feeling it's going to), the break up will count toward heartbreaker.

The Plot thickens. Hank invites Nancy Landgraab over, and they WooHoo. Now he's cheating on Cornelia with his Ex. After they collapse after their fun evening, Hank wakes Nancy up in the middle of the night and tries for a baby with her. They're successful and Nancy is pregnant. How will Hank help with the baby while he's an unemployed playboy mooch? He won't, of course!

Hank is becoming so good that he invites a woman he meets at the library home with him and converts her to a romantic interest in one day. She's not flirty though, which is, again, a bit of a challenge. It really seems to hurt hopeless romantic interactions along with flirty.

Hank tries to meet more women at the library, and runs into Nancy Landgraab. He completes several wishes to love on her, and even reads a pregnancy book. While he's there, Vita Alto shows up and Hank wants to mooch from her. He makes out with her right in front of Nancy, while Nancy reads a book and seems oblivious. Completing several wishes allows Hank to afford the Attractive lifetime reward. This helps boost the rate at which relationships improve. Hank tests his newfound good lucks out on Blair WainWright. She falls for all of his moves and accepts an invitation to stay over and woohoo, all in one day. Hank reaches level 8 in charisma, and now has 4 love interests (including the girlfriend, who he hasn't seen since they went steady), and 1 broken heart down. Maybe he'll break Cornelia's heart by never inviting her over again.

Nancy has the baby, and Hank wants to see him, but I forbid it. He needs to squash these sappy thoughts, they're very out of character for him. Hank continues the quest to meet more women, but doesn't seek to form any more steady relationships, because he wants to really destroy Cornelia later. Hank only has $100 right now, and still hasn't done anything outside of mooching and opportunities. In fact, I don't think he had completed a money-based opportunity up to this point.

Hank tries to pick up women at the park, and Cornelia is there, so he makes a hasty retreat to the library. There he meets Sunny Bakshi. He turns on the flirting full steam, and I don't notice Cornelia has followed him to the Library. Hank quickly apologizes, but puts Sunny on speed dial. He kisses and fondles Cornelia, which of course leads to him mooching $10.

My Sim is doing very well at what he does, and is knocking down wishes left and right. This enables him to afford the Never Dull lifetime reward, which will help with repeating social interactions. Sometimes, if you know a Sim's occupation or interests, your Sim can talk about that subject enabling quick movement of the bar. Hank will also be able to repeat the get to know interaction a bit so he can learn traits. He also has a bit of money from an opportunity to raise the charisma skill and buys a painting for the bedroom to help boost mood in there.

Hank is on a roll. He heads to the park and meets Lynn Parrott, who is charmed on the spot and made to kiss within six social interactions, and he'd only just met her! I figure he's on a roll, and see the old friend Yumi Sekemoto in the park. She seems to have her bladder under control, so she's converted to a romantic interest too. My Sim meets one other romantic interest and is now set to begin wrecking lives. He invites the first over, WooHoos her and invites Cornelia over. He breaks up with her. Cornelia is enraged, but doesn't attack Hank's new lover.

Hank now systematically invites over love interests, WooHoos and then breaks up with them in a single day. I'm satisfied with his Charisma level, so I don't mind that he is rapidly lowering his friend count. He can hook up then break up with two romantic interests in one day. Within four days, he's broken up with all ten. Now maybe he'll settle down with a nice woman? Nope, that's just not Hank. What I'd probably have Hank do next, so that he could be the ultimate mooch, is marry a rich elderly Sim, then speed up aging and let him outlive her so he can never have to mooch again.

Previous: Starting the Heartbreaker

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Noah says...
Hahaha awesome walkthrough!
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