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The Sims 3 Politician: Glargo Beckaboo

Leader of the Free World Lifetime Wish

By Tom Schlueter (Metropolis Man)

Shake Hands with Glargo
One look at Glargo - his true name cannot be pronounced in Simlish - and it's pretty obvious he's not from around Sunset Valley. The wardrobe combo is not working at all. And then there's the green skin. The good news is Glargo is incredibly friendly and I heard from a reliable source that supreme Sim entity put Glargo in Sunset Valley for a very good reason: to become Leader of the Free World. Here are the traits I chose for Glargo, which are good leadership qualities

If one is to become the Leader of the Free World then they had better think big. Ambitious Sims have the big wishes to spur them into action.

This opens up a lot of new Socials when your politician is working on building all of the necessary relationships in this career track. Friends come much easier for Charismatic Sims.

Similar to Charismatic, the two traits work in tandem for a potent relationship-building arsenal. And thank goodness for Sunset Valley that Glargo is Friendly. If this mysterious visitor had been a Evil and Mean-Spirited Sim, well....ooh, I cringe at the thought.

Not a very common trait, but this is pure gold for the Leader of the Free World Lifetime Wish. Tip: Your politician will not get promotions every single work day even if all smileys are completely green. So, when they just missed a promotion and the next work day is a guaranteed career jump move the work tome to Chat with Co-Workers. In some careers this is not a great option to strengthen relationships, but with the Schmoozer trait, plus the Charismatic/Friendly traits, it's incredible. You can clearly see the various friendship bars inch up over the course of a day.

A great trait to choose when your going the career route vs a self-employment route because it feeds into the performance meter. Workaholics don't get stressed as often from work and get the nice Loves Work moodlet.

Week 1. 100 Redwood Pkwy. I like this lot that's up on a cliff overlooking the ocean and have used it in several challenges. The Beautiful Vista moodlet isn't as strong as the big beach front properties, but it's also a lot more affordable - a good option for the career Sim when income is quite low for a while.

I kicked things off with my standard technique of putting new Sims to bed right away to get the Well Rested moodlet. Another good thing about that is it gives the Sim time to throw up some key wishes for a player to juggle. My initial goals were to get Glargo some cooking and fishing skills (Sushi is my go-to Sim's meal lately since it's so quick). At the end of Day 1 Glargo is absolutely ravenous. He gained 3 Cooking skills, so no Sushi tonight. Better get him some cereal at home quick before the local library patrons are put on the menu.

His first day of work is a success - no promotion, but I had to keep telling myself, "This isn't a challenge. Get over it and just have some leisurely fun with this guy." The charisma performance indicator is what's going to hold anyone back in the beginning. If simply reading a charisma book raised the skill then there wouldn't be an issue. But, with charisma comes friendship and acquaintances requirements. And that's what holds up the career train at the beginning because you also need to work on things like cooking and/or gardening/fishing (assuming you're playing your politician solo).

Once Glargo met all of his co-workers, he then had clear targets in his sights. Vita Alto was the first victim to fall to Glargo's growing charisma skill. Resistance is futile, Vita.

Vita actually ended up being Glargo's boss in the end, so he kicked up the relationship a notch. Stay tuned for an exciting screen shot.

As the first week continued, more friends were made. Madison VanWatson followed Vita. "Hey, Jared Frio, you're a dishwasher, okay? Let's save the dramatics for a Llama game."

Tip: As soon as your politician obtains 5000 Happiness points, spend them on the Observant reward. It's fantastic for this career. Simply shaking hands with someone can give you valuable insight into a few traits of the other Sim. Then, you target your Socials to things they would obviously like to talk about and the result is often two plus signs instead of just one.

Week 2. Glargo is slowly climbing the political ladder. He worked a full five-day week in week 1, so he finally has a day off in the middle of week 2. Time for some important Glargo-time to boost Fishing and Cooking.

It was at the end of the 2nd week that Glargo hit the 5th level of the career, City Council Member. This introduces the final performance indicator - Funding. Funding has to do with how much money your Sim can raise via contributions. It's actually a Social: Ask for Campaign Donation. But, I decided I wasn't going to have Glargo become a cheap panhandler and go around town with his hand out. I was going to turn him into a weekend party schmoozer and host some great campaign parties. So, he'd be, upscale panhandler. Besides, if the supreme Sim entity got wind of Glargo walking around Sunset Valley begging for money the results would have been disastrous. Glargo could have been reformatted.

Week 3. Making solid progress. It was during the 3rd week that I cashed in more Happiness points for the Attractive reward. The end is drawing near. Friday of week 3 was key. Glargo made level 8, Governor....

Governor Glargo has been very fiscally responsible from day 1 and has been saving all possible Simoleans for what's to come. With the nice bonus he made for obtaining his new Governor position it was time to prepare his home lot for a knockout Campaign Contribution Party.

I created a modest, but nice, backyard entertaining area for all of the guests. I did not want any of them in his tiny home because of the horrid pathfinding problems that would have resulted. Saturday morning at 7 am Glargo makes the call. Everything is ready: he turns on the stereo, everything is clean, he puts out 2 servings of Excellent Sushi on the counters and when everyone arrives he calls the guests to the meal. Next it was time for some fun. I had never used the Call Over to Dance Social, but it was hilarious to see. That first Contribution Party netted Glargo 84,036 Simoleans and turned the Funding indicator from Normal to Outstanding.

Week 4. In the middle of the 4th week the only performance indicator that wasn't Outstanding was the relationship w/Boss one. And it was already Excellent, but I really wanted to finish on Friday, so it was time for Glargo to turn up the charm on his boss, Vita Alto. He was quite the Romeo for a solid 2 hours with Vita with the culmination of him jumping into her arms. Supreme Sim entity feels the positive vibes and is proud.

It was looking like Glargo was poised to achieve his LTW on Friday, but he just missed it by a hair. A couple more ticks on the performance meter and he would have nabbed it. So, he stuck around Sunset Valley for one final weekend.

Week 5 (Monday). It was just a question of Glargo having a pulse and showing up to punch the clock Monday morning. He achieved his Lifetime Wish to become Leader of the Free World. If there was ever a Sim born to wear a certain outfit I think Glargo would qualify.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Richard Burns says...
My sim became Leader Of The Free World today. He slowly worked his way up the political ladder. When he was mayor he was fired for embezzling money out of the campaign funds. Even with this tragedy my sim continued to peruse his dream and he climbed the political career once again.

-President Richard Burns-
7th March 2014 5:35pm
ChekaMolly says...
Thank you so much! that helped a lot!!! And the traits worked wonders!! :)
22nd December 2013 3:08am
Annoyed says...
My sim completed his lifetime wish, so I wanted to finish his wife's LTW so I could focus on the kids. Using testingcheatsenabled I set her career to leader of the free world, but her LTW hasn't been completed yet. Am I supposed to get promoted again?
21st June 2014 6:28am
LifeofaGuardian says...
I think testingcheatsenabled doesn't give lifetime wishes. Maybe if you put her career to 1 below Leader of the Free World, and then get her promoted.
24th June 2014 4:27pm
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