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The Sims 3: Renaissance Sim Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

This Sims 3 Character walkthrough will follow the life of a Sim who will pursue the Renaissance Sim lifetime wish. The Lifetime Wish will be done by raising the cooking, fishing, and gardening skills. All three compliment each other, and this Sim will be able to cook ambrosia very easily. I selected the following traits for my Centurian:

He'll catch fish faster, and be better at fishing overall. He'll also raise fishing faster.

Natural Cook
Natural cook will help him to increase the cooking skill faster, and offer him a boost to meal quality

Loves the Outdoors
Not only will he be better at fishing, he'll also get a mood boost while he's at the lake

Commitment Issues
A requirement for the Renaissance Sim Lifetime Wish

Another requirement for Renaissance Sim to be selectable as a Wish.

Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
He wants to get three skills to level 10. They'll be Cooking, Fishing, and Gardening.

Fishing at Stoney Falls in the Sims 3's Sunset ValleyGetting Started
I purchase the Pre-Fabulous home unfurnished and do some modifications. I remove the stove and rearrange the counters, and get rid of anything unnecessary to a fisherman. He's actually going to be eating a lot of autumn salad at first, because it's fast. He needs to spend more time fishing. I made his favorite food sushi, so that later he can eat his favorite meal with perfect fish. To further enhance his efficiency, I buy a food processor for chopping the autumn salad, and he gets the very best bed in the game.

His first action is to go to the supermarket and take a class in fishing. He also shops while there and purchases cheese. The plan is to use the cheese to catch lots of alley catfish, then move up to catching angelfish and finally death fish. He catches about ten alley catfish the first day at stoney falls, and another 15 or more the second. On the third, he is very lonely so I send him to a cooking class (it's a wish), then to the library. He meets Claire Ursine, whose only role will be to chat on the phone in the future and satisfy the social need. He starts catching angelfish, again at stoney falls. When he has accumulated 25 of them, he begins catching deathfish after midnight.

Fishing in a stocked pond at home in the Sims 3I decide that at this point in time, it's better for him to be catching vampire fish in his spare time, since he has plenty of angel fish for the death fish catching purpose. I resolve to save ten of the angelfish, however. He use ten angelfish, and catch ten deathfish to stock a pond outside his home. From there, getting the ingredients for ambrosia will be a cinch.

My Sim completely masters the fishing skill, and has it set up to get great fertilizer (angelfish) and death fish for ambrosia. Angelfish is every bit as strong a fertilizer as life fruit, it just has a shorter duration (4 days vs 6). Now my Sim can work on his gardening ability. He can sell fish he catches from his pond, and basically has infinite money depending on his effort. I wasted a lot of money before I figured out that stocking the pond multiple times doesn't have an affect on the amount of fish you catch. So, once you've stocked with 10 death fish, if you're using my method, stop! The rest should be sold or used for ambrosia.

Now that he has fishing up and running, he is free to pursue other skills. I take the fast learner lifetime reward for him, because it will boost the rate that he learns cooking and gardening. He starts making daily trips to the cemetery for unknown special seeds. That way he can get life fruit and money trees. A single flame fruit would be nice for the minor mood boost, but he cares not about them otherwise, nor the death flower.

He saves up the special seeds and plants them all at once once he reaches level 7 in gardening. The last three levels will be gained while tending his garden, so the rest of his free time can be spent fishing for money and raising the cooking skill at the library.

With perpetual free time on his hands, he quickly makes it to the tenth level in each of the three skills. If he continued, money trees would eventually become his best money maker. My Renaissance Sim fulfills his lifetime wish and has eternity ahead of him, because with a death flower in his invenotory and delicious ambrosia meals once a week, he'll never die.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Paul says...
I got this on my child sim. I had two of the skills down pretty quickly... Before she's even gotten to teens. I'll probably have all three.
23rd April 2019 3:11pm
Paul says...
And I literally just did. Logic + Writing + Advanced Technology.
23rd April 2019 3:21pm
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