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The Sims 3: Pro Sports
Superstar Athlete Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Pam Marsden

This guide is for the Lifetime Wish Superstar Athlete, which is to achieve level 9 of the Athletic Career. I created a primary Sim to achieve the LTW and a utility Sim to take care of the house. They also have a daughter who is a toddler.

Kristi Yamaguchi has these traits:

Athletic: This is a must for this LTW. It will be the core of everything Kristi does, and help her raise the athletic skill faster.

Ambitious: This will help Kristi advance quickly and will keep her motivated.

Friendly: This trait will enable Kristi to do well with her teammates, which becomes important down the line.

Lucky: It may not help, but it sure won't hurt!

Excitable: This will give Kristi an extra mood boost much of the time, which will help her do well on the team.

The utility Sim is Kristi's husband, Bret. He has the standard homemaking traits of Handy, Natural Cook, Neat, Green Thumb, and Angler. These traits will help him make the home pleasant for Kristi so that she doesn't have to worry over things herself and she'll get some extra boosts in mood from good meals.

Their daughter is Keara and she has the traits of Loner and Brave. She's just an extra character to help keep me entertained.

Kristi and Bret bought a nice piece of land on the ocean that I quickly ruined by building a house with truly horrible colors. I intended for it to be bright and cheerful, but it turned out to be too much of an eyesore. They immediately got on the phone and moved to a house in town. This little mishap cost them a few hundred dollars, so they were short on cash from the start. I bought them a comfortable bed so they won't have negative moodlets for a bad night's sleep because of a cheap bed. The most important thing I bought was a treadmill for Kristi. As of this writing, there is a glitch in the game that causes the treadmills at the gym to increase athletic skill much slower than a treadmill at home. This took a chunk out of the budget and I was only able to buy one chair and a lamp for the living room. They have no television or computer.

Kristi went to the stadium on the first day and got a job as a Rabid Fan for $13 per hour. This is a very low paying job, so it will be a while before they'll have money to spend. Kristi spent the rest of the day working out while Bret and Keara went to the library so Bret could get started learning his cooking and gardening skills.

Working out is critical for Kristi's advancement through the levels of the Sports career track. She works out every day on the treadmill before she goes to work and then again when she gets home if she's not too tired. She got an opportunity to Jog Everywhere, which encouraged her to go jogging all around town. She jogged up to the high cliffs and collected some gemstones and seeds for husband Bret, then jogged back home.

Kristi blazed through her first few promotions because of the speed at which she advanced through the levels of the Athletic skill. Level 2 Snack Hawker ($25 per hour) came on week 1, day 3. Level 3 Toddler Sports Coach ($33 per hour) came at week 1, day 4. Level 4 Minor Leaguer ($43 per hour) came at week 2, day 2. At this level, Teammates joined Mood and Athletic as her performance markers. I had her spend time at work hanging with her teammates to bring the status up.

On week 2, day 6, Kristi was promoted to level 5 Rookie. Now Game Record has been added to her performance markers. In addition to her regular work days, Kristi now also has two games per week, which means she only has one day off a week. The Game Record marker reflects how well the team does in winning their games. To help the team win, I used the Prepare for Game option while Kristi is at work. This increases their chances of winning substantially and in turn increases the status of her performance marker. Kristi's team is on a winning streak, naturally! The same set of performance markers stayed for Kristi's promotion to level 6 Starter ($151 per hour) at week 3, day 3 and level 7 Team Captain ($218 per hour) at week 3, day 7.

During this time, Bret continues to garden, fish, cook, and keep the house clean. Their daughter, Keara aged up to child and then teenager. Kristi takes time to help her daughter with her homework and to chat with her every day. Keara is a Loner, so she enjoys being alone, but always welcomes the special times with her mother. Keara is also starting to show some interest in boys, namely Sam Sekemoto and Dean Keaton. She's also Artistic and her paintings adorn the walls of the house.

Kristi now makes enough money from her job, bonuses, and opportunities that the family has been able to buy a few things for the house. They now have a real sofa and a good television, as well as a grill and picnic table. Unfortunately, a burglar made off with the sofa and it had to be replaced. Without a burglar alarm, the thief seems to always get away because the police just don't arrive quickly enough when they are called.

One of Kristi's wishes was to work out eight hours straight. I waited until her day off to let her do this. After a full night's sleep, a good meal, and a shower to bring all of her bars up to max, I put her on the treadmill with the Good Pacing option. She was able to get her wish with no problem at all and her mood was still fairly high because she started off at 100% and didn't have severe hunger or tiredness to distract her. Her next wish is to work out 10 hours straight and I'll follow the same course as I did for the other.

The only performance marker that Kristi needs to really bring up is Teammates. I had her throw a party for them and, while it was a success and they had a good time, it didn't improve the status on her job performance. So, I'm splitting her work time between Prepare for Game and Hang Out with Teammates. She reached level 10 Athletic, so she doesn't have to worry about that as far as job performance. Because she spent so much time on the treadmill, she achieved the Marathon Runner challenge in her skill journal. Both running and jogging count toward that challenge. She also achieved the Fitness Nut challenge from doing 75 hours of cardio workouts. She will now focus on strength training whenever she does a workout so she can get the last challenge of Body Builder in her Athletic skill journal.

On week 4, day 7, Kristi got promoted to level 9 Superstar and achieved her Lifetime Wish. Her salary is now $432 an hour and will continue to grow as she pursues her wish to achieve level 10 in the Athletic career track. Keara is going steady with Sam Sekemoto and ages up to Young Adult in another day. I see grandchildren in Kristi and Bret's future!

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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