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The Sims 3: Scientist
Creature-Robot Cross Breeder Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Tom Schlueter

The Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder Lifetime Wish is a pretty straightforward one. The main difference between this one and other career-oriented Lifetime Wishes is the Science one involves more skill barometers and absolutely no relationship measures for job advancement. And along with the CEO LTW in the Business career you don't actually need to max the career level to achieve the Lifetime Wish.

Victor's Traits

When you have bizarre thoughts to stich together body parts from dead Sims and breathe life into your creation, then you need to look at the bigger picture and be a little ambitious. This trait is especially good for any career Sims because it feeds the performance meter faster throughout the work day.

Green Thumb
This is the other performance indicator aside from the typical mood one at the beginning of the Science career. So, it's a good idea to get the Gardening skill kick-started with this trait.

Handiness is another Science career barometer and it comes into play at the 3rd level.

This will really multiply some nice long-lasting moodlets like Good/Great Meal and Well Rested. It's the gift that just keeps giving throughout the work day as your scientist plots to perform unspeakable acts inside the Science Facility to rise up the ladder.

Like Ambitious, this one is best tailored for career Sims. The Work Hard tome doesn't hit the fun meter as hard and as a result you can select "Work Hard" often and get those regular promotions.

The first time I began working on this Lifetime Wish I created a wife for Victor. But, then I thought about coming up with a challenge to coincide with this LTW and realized how easy it was to keep the good doctor happy if there's always a steady supply of Woo Hoo nearby. Enter: Igor. No one in their right mind would want to Woo Hoo with Igor, but he still serves an important function for the doctor, namely, the doctor can totally focus on career and not worry about cooking and cleaning. The traits I gave Igor: Insane, Hot-Headed, Natural Cook, Neat, and Perfectionist.

Obtaining some decent Gardening skill is the first order of business on Sunday after joining the Science career. Victor bought 11 Nice Lettuce from the grocery store, plus 10 lobsters for fertilizer. He planted 10 lettuce and gave the 11th to Igor so he could start working on his cooking skill with Autumn Salads. The nice thing about going the Autumn Salad route is you can immediately sell the stove in a stock lot and get full refund. Another benefit of making Autumn Salads is the option comes up for lunch and dinner. So, that's a lot of practice time for a cook.

Igor is seen here putting his Hot-Headed trait to good use. I can't remember why he was going ballistic. Probably because the stereo is facing the wrong direction.

At the end of the first work week Victor received 3 promotions. Not bad, but it definitely would be possible to squeeze another promotion in there if you were fanatical. The Gardening measure is the toughest to keep at the Outstanding level because Gardening is so time consuming. He also hit the Outstanding level for Handiness by accomplishing two key upgrades: the Auto-Water upgrade for sprinklers and the Improve Speakers upgrade for the stereo. The Auto Water upgrade is an absolute must for any gardener. If you don't do it, then you'll be killing half a day in the garden.

Week 2 saw Victor progressingly slowly in Science. At this point all 4 career performance indicators are now visible - mood, gardening, handiness, and fishing. But, here's the deal: Victor often showed up to work with every single measure at the Outstanding level and still just missed a promotion by a hair. So, it's basically impossible to get a raise in a single day's work if you're starting at 0 from a previous day's raise. I suppose if you worked from home as soon as you got off work to raise your performance bar a little it might happen. But, then you wouldn't be spending time in the garden or upgrading things which you have to do as well. It takes time, that's the bottom line.

Week 3. The end is near. This week saw Victor venturing out into Sunset Valley to find Special Seeds. I mainly did this because he's a challenge character and will need some decent income to make a large laboratory/basement. So, some Money Trees will come in handy for that. On Friday of the 3rd week Victor hit Top Secret Researcher - just one more level to go to obtain his Lifetime Wish. Here's a tip: you only need lvl 8 in Handiness and lvl 6 in Fishing for those measures to be Outstanding for the Lifetime Wish. But, Gardening you definitely want to max.

Week 4. It took 2 more days of work in week 4 for Victor to hit the Creature-Robot level. I found it interesting that on that very day his 3 Money Trees hit the maturity stage.

The one major Lifetime Happiness Reward I think is worth purchasing for this type of character is the Collection Helper. So, that's it for Victor and Igor. Now, they have business to attend to at the graveyard because Igor told me that he's lonely.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Fergle McFarland says...
I have chosen this LTW for my sim but noticed that it didn't complete when I reached level 9, I eventually progressed to level 10 but my wish is still there, any idea about what happened? (I'm on PS3 if that helps)
13th July 2014 2:09pm
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