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The Sims 3: World Adventures
Private Museum Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Pam Marsden

This walkthrough is for one of the new Lifetime Wishes that came with the World Adventures expansion pack. For a Private Museum, you must have a current relic collection worth $20,000. Who else could my Sim possibly be for this adventure than Indiana Jones? That's right. I'm going with the blatantly obvious character for this one. Indiana's wife, Marion Ravenwood, will act as the utility Sim and assistant. Let's meet them now.

Indiana Jones has the following traits:

This one is mandatory for triggering anything that involves adventures. It will make Indiana eager to explore tombs and he'll get an extra moodlet boost while he's inside them.

Indiana will likely learn the Martial Arts Skill during his travels and this trait will help him learn the skill quickly. Martial Arts will be very helpful in the event he runs into mummies.

I chose this trait because it goes with the bookish professor we all love.

This trait may help Indiana solve the puzzles and traps he will encounter on his adventures.

I found that this trait was necessary to trigger the Private Museum Lifetime Wish. My best guess is that an Artistic Sim would be more likely to appreciate a collection of relics than other Sims.

Marion Ravenwood has my usual utility traits of Green Thumb, Natural Cook, Angler, Handy, and Neat. She will keep the house pleasant and give me something else to do.

Indiana and Marion bought a small piece of land on the beach and built a comfortable two bedroom Chinese styled house. I gave them upgrades on their bed, shower, refrigerator, and stove to help avoid negative moodlets at the start. Because of the upgrades and the more expensive Chinese style furnishings, they only had $70 left after the house was complete.

Indiana immediately had a wish to join the Science career, and Marion wanted to join the Military. I sent both of them to secure their jobs in person. Indiana is a Test Subject and Marion is a Latrine Cleaner. They start to work first thing Monday morning. Even though neither of these jobs is directly related to having a Private Museum, the jobs will provide income to save up for the travel that will result in collecting relics. My initial target is $3,000 to pay for the trip and various supplies once Indiana arrives. Until they reach that target, they will have a very typical Sim life.

They both had a pretty busy first day in Sunset Valley. Indiana learned to write using the computer at the library, and he also learned the gardening and handiness skills from reading a couple of books. These are the skills he will need for his job at the Science Facility. He then went to the park and played chess with Darlene Bunch. Marion spent some time at the library, too, reading up on gardening. She then went to the park to fish in the pond, gaining her level 1 in the fishing skill. They got home later than they should have considering they both start work the next morning. They ate a cold dinner, showered, and went to bed. Marion was quite tired by the end of work the next day and took a nap as soon as she got home, while Indiana went to the park to gather some fruit and seeds for the garden.

One of Indiana's job performance markers is Gardening, but it's Marion who has the Green Thumb. Go figure. However, Indiana is a Bookworm, so I sent him to the library after work on Tuesday to read a Gardening skill book. He powered through the first two levels of Gardening in just over two hours. Marion has to be at work two hours earlier than her husband, so she just had some salad for dinner and went to bed. She's already got a wish to have a baby with Indiana, so she may not be a soldier for long.

Indiana got a promotion at the end of his third day at work. The raise and bonus put the household funds at $1,960. Soon he will be able to take his first vacation and really start his Lifetime Wish for a Private Museum. Both Indiana and Marion got a promotion two days later. It's the end of their first work week and Indiana is at level 3 of the Science career, while Marion is at level 2 in Military. Their bonuses put the household finances at almost $4,000. It's time for Indiana's first trip abroad!

I bought the Jetsetter Lifetime Reward for Indiana, so his trip to China was only $1,050 for three days. The first thing Indiana did upon his arrival in Shang Simla was to check the board for adventures. One was available called "Seeking Adventures?" which involves finding a relic for one of the locals. Why, yes, Indiana would be delighted to accept this adventure! The first thing to do is get some supplies at the store: 10 morsels of medium quality dried food, 5 Showers in a Can, and one Sim Scouts' Classic Camper (a tent). Just these few items cost Indiana $1,020. Now he's ready to report in to Sun Young Kim.

Indiana's first adventure included the pushing about of statues, standing on footpads, exploring dive wells, and the use of keystones. He easily found the relic that Sun Young Kim is looking for. He also found the first piece of his private collection, the Chinese Symbol of the Halls of the Lost Army valued at $113. Other goodies he gets to keep are two morsels of low quality dried food, a dive well fragment, a brilliant cut emerald valued at $80, and an emerald cut jade valued at $215. He'll probably sell the gems this time because money is still tight and he will need to finance future trips. It was midnight by the time Indiana delivered the relic to Sun Young Kim and collected his prize of 35 visa points, $500, and 10 ancient coins. Along with the 15 visa points he received from reporting in, he earned enough points to achieve visa level 1. Now it's time to head to base camp for some much needed sleep.

The next adventure on the board is to explore the Dragon's Cave. But before doing that, I had Indiana do some exploring around the countryside. He found a dig site to excavate, some Geodes and Septarian Nodules to have cut for money, and a rare Yellow Band Dart Butterfly worth over $400. Then I sent him back to base camp for some sleep so he can get an early start on the Dragon's Cave the next morning.

Our hero journeyed to the Dragon's Maw and gained access to the cave with no problem. He found some goodies to take with him, like ancient coins and gems. But then he had a vision when he entered the last room and he needed to go back for more instructions. I had him stop to pick up gems and metals along the way. He accepted the second part of the adventure, which is to find some platinum, but his vacation only has about four hours left and since he's at the Martial Arts academy anyway, I decided to let him spend his last few vacation hours on the training dummy. Indiana has the Disciplined trait, so he should pick up Martial Arts quickly. I had him stop with the training dummy at 10:30 p.m. so that he would have enough time to purchase one of his own at the general store so he could work on his training at home. But alas, his vacation was over just as he was walking up the steps to the store!

Indiana arrived back home and I bought a display case for the spare room. He's got three relics valued at $2,490. That's a good start toward his goal of $20,000. He sent off the gems to be cut and they will be sold when they arrive in the mail. After selling those items, the household finances totaled $5,100, which means his trip more than paid for itself and he'll be able to go again as soon as he has recovered from this first trip.

I've already mentioned that Marion is ready to have a child. Well, while he was in Shang Simla, Indiana decided he was ready for his first child, too. I guess he needed some time away to think about it. They tried for a baby on his first night back home and I know they were successful because of the lullaby chimes. It's now the weekend and I expect Marion to give birth Monday evening. Saturday was spent mostly at the library for Indiana, reading up on Gardening and Handiness for his job. Marion cleaned house, repaired sinks, and did some gardening between her bouts of morning sickness. Poor thing was sick three times in one day. After dinner Saturday night while Marion was in the shower, Indiana picked up the phone and booked another trip to Shang Simla. This one would be for five days and costs $1,250.

As soon as Indiana returned to China, he started collecting the platinum for Lu Zhi so she can rebuild her statue. I had him collect much more than he needed for the adventure because platinum is quite valuable when smelted and will add to the bank account nicely. After delivering the platinum, Indiana accepted the next part of the adventure and agreed to collect some lapis lazuli. He'll start on it the next day, though, because for now he wants to eat some egg rolls, send the platinum for smelting, and hit the hay at base camp. After delivering the lapis lazuli, Indiana received his reward. It's also the end of that particular adventure. He spent the rest of the day exploring and excavating a dig site. He was too tired to make it back to base camp, so he used the showers at the Martial Arts Academy and pitched his tent on the sparring ground to sleep for the night.

The next morning, after packing up his tent and eating some pemmican, Indiana went back to base camp to send off his new gems and metals. He also received the smelted platinum in the mail. The extra nuggets he collected smelted into 15 platinum ingots for a value of $7,800! Oh yes! Sell sell sell! He also checked for a new adventure on the board. Indiana's last adventure this trip was to learn Martial Arts. He had already purchased the book and I was sure to buy the training dummy this time, so he'll learn this skill at home. He spent the rest of his trip looking for dig sites to excavate, but didn't have much luck finding any. While at the market, he splurged at the Relics Shop and bought a Chinese Dropa Stone of the Vortex. Now it's time to go back home to recuperate and spend some time with his pregnant wife. After arriving home and placing his new relics in the relic room/nursery, the total value of his collection is $4,274.

Indiana took his third trip to Shang Simla before going back to work Monday morning. How odd is it that he can take a total of 10 days of vacation over the period of a weekend? Very odd, indeed, but that's exactly what he did. He snuck out while Marion was sleeping and was back before she woke. This trip gave him the most dangerous adventure so far with several fire traps in the tomb under the Resolute Fist Retreat. He caught fire three times and had to extinguish himself in a dive well each time. He was frightened, but I had him drink the Potion of Liquid Courage and it not only eliminated his fear moodlet, but it also gave him extra courage for a few hours no matter what happened. He did manage to retrieve the writings he sought, along with some nice pieces for his relics collection. He is also now at level 5 in Martial Arts, which allows him to meditate and Zeneport. He started another adventure on his last day and was in the process of befriending the Special Merchant so she would translate a note when his vacation ended. He now has $5,879 worth of relics in his collection. And this time, he'll have to go to work when he gets home.

Before Indiana could sneak off on another vacation, Marion gave birth to two little girls named Nevada and Hawaii. I built the house with plans to expand to a 2nd story; therefore, the stairs are already in place. I built the walls of the second story, but had to stop there because I also had to get a second crib and finish decorating the nursery. Nevada and Hawaii share their room with only their toys and high chair. The relics have been moved to the living room until I have more of the second floor finished.

Indiana soon began feeling restless and took off for China again. His first adventure was to retrieve a long ago stolen relic for the Special Merchant. This was very exciting because there was lots of treasure for Indiana to collect along the way. He got some very nice additions for his private collection. He's getting very clever at disarming traps, but he still got stung by darts a couple of times. Once he slept off the poison, he was fine. He found enough ancient coins to purchase the Master Thief's Coin, which will make his adventures even more valuable. He also stocked up on the Potion of Liquid Courage, Escape Dust, Sands of Understanding, and Pemmican. He should be good to go for awhile.

Indiana then checked the board at base camp and found that the statue he was helping with is constructed and it now needs the Pilgrim's Walk. He took a nap at the base camp before setting out on the walk. All went well and he got his reward. He satisfied his cravings for egg rolls and checked for another adventure. Yes! He drew the adventure for Pangu's Axe. This is a long adventure in the tomb under the Temple of Heaven and Indiana's vacation had less than 12 hours left. He explored just enough to see where the axe is located, then he meditated and used Zeneport to appear in the exact location to take the axe. He used the last two hours of his vacation exploring his way out of the tomb, disarming traps, and collecting treasures. Just as he opened a chest to find a gorgeous piece of the Zodiac Animals collection, he was whisked back home! Noooo! But he got Pangu's Axe and it will be an enormous help because it breaks boulders that block the way to treasures. Indiana arrived back home on his day off, so he'll be able to enjoy some time with his young family. After sorting through and analyzing the relics he brought home this time, his collection is now valued at $11,802. The official game clock shows week 2, day 4. He's over half way to his goal of $20,000 worth of relics. I think it's time to travel to Egypt next.

The Medical field offered Indiana a level 5 position (compared to his current level 4 position in the Science field) and he accepted. This will be better suited to his traits. Gardening and Handiness requirements for Science didn't come naturally for him, but he's got the Genius trait, so the logic required for a Medical career will serve him well. After leaving the Science Facility on his last day, Indiana went straight to the library to begin studying Logic. He's a good deal behind where he needs to be for his Medical level and needs to catch up quickly.

Before Indiana even reported to work at the hospital the next day, he was off to Egypt right after Hawaii and Nevada aged up to toddlers. They are adorable and look like they might be identical twins. There will be lots of new things for Indiana to explore in Egypt. He checked for adventures immediately upon arrival and completed the first of what will be several adventures. It was uneventful for the most part and Indiana collected some Ancient Coins and a relic from the Egyptian Tomb collection.

Just prior to starting the next leg of the adventure, he bought a snake charming basket from the general goods store at the market. He took some time to begin learning it because being able to kiss the head of the King Cobra snake might save his life someday. He was very awkward at first and not very good at all. Eventually the snake (not a cobra) started to show itself. It didn't like the way Indiana was playing and hissed a lot, dropping out of sight the moment the music stopped. It was quite amusing to watch.

Once Indiana entered the tomb where the adventure took him, he encountered more than one sarcophagus. I just knew a mummy encounter was coming soon and, of course, I was right. While Indiana was looking in a treasure chest, a mummy came out of the sarcophagus in the room. This was my first sight of a mummy since I started playing World Adventures. I'd been putting it off, but I knew my Sim Indiana Jones would have an encounter. The mummy walked around some and there were no interactions available, so Indiana just waited and watched. Then the mummy saw him and attacked! It was like other fights where they just... well... fight. The mummy won and Indiana passed out on the floor while the mummy departed. He woke up shortly and finished exploring the tomb and completed the adventure. He got lucky on that one. He needs to improve his martial arts skill, for sure! Indiana's vacation ended before he was able to leave the tomb and deliver the Flame Fruits. Once he got home, he analyzed all the relics he collected and added them to the new private museum on the second story of his house. The value of the collection jumped to $18,635! Wow! One more trip should bring Indiana his Lifetime Wish.

Money was starting to get pretty tight from all the travel and buying things for the babies. Additionally, a second floor was added and filled with display items to show off his always growing private collection. He's gotten a great start to some of the actual collections. After working for a few days and working out some with his training dummy, he felt refreshed enough to go back for one more trip.

He left for Egypt right before he had to leave for work. When he comes back from vacation, he will be right at the exact spot that he left. Then he'll go to work that morning just as if nothing had happened. Once in Egypt, he started back working on the adventure for Morcucorp. He went through some tombs following their quests, and some just for his own amusement. No mummies this time! He found some things in treasure chests and bought some things from the relics shop in the market. When he realized that he had plenty in his backpack to reach his $20,000 private museum, he cut the trip short and went back home. I think for now Indiana is exhausted.

He set up all of his precious treasures in the upstairs museum. Sure enough when he placed one of the Dropa stones... cue the music... his Lifetime Wish was complete. He was only barely an adult. I know Indiana and Marion will go on adventures together. And soon they will start bringing the kids along for the fun. Well done, Indy! Well done!

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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