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The Sims 3: Absent-Minded Trait

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Absent Minded
Lifetime Wishes: none
Absent-minded is very much a negative trait to pick in the Sims 3. It literally helps with nothing, but might provide for a bit of amusement at first. Your Sim will randomly forget what they were doing.

Game Description

  • Your Sim may find themself standing in a room, wondering how they got there.
  • Expect your Sim to be forgetful from time to time.

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Nia Ariel says...
If you have an absent minded Sim, be sure to remember what you're gonna have them do, because they forget A LOT.
So it helps your memory, because you can't afford to be absent-minded yourself. Good tip :)
29th August 2013 1:07pm
Charlotte McGonagall says...
Yes, you have to watch your absent-minded sims closely.
It is a good trait to pick only for the sake of character building, if you are making a sim similar to someone, for example. Otherwise, it doesn't add much to the gameplay. But I didn't find it so annoying with my absent-minded sim.
13th June 2014 12:59pm
Kim says...
Another thing that I've noticed with one of my sims that's absent minded - she eats ALL the time, like she forgets that she ate and is snacking all the time on apples, and other fruits or vegetables. Most of the times she has the moodlet "Stuffed" because she eats all the time. LOL

They don't always drop the things you tell them to do, but they are the only sims that do that though, every once in a while.
2nd January 2014 11:55am
Cayley says...
This is a really bad trait.My Sim has this trait and it is really annoying at some points.
17th December 2013 9:26pm
joe says...
So if you queue up actions, absent minded will cause them to cancel prematurely? Ouch that does suck =p

Great guide btw Carl!
30th December 2013 4:16pm
Amot says...
Absent minded is purely a negative trait so if your optimizing traits Absent minded should just be ingored. However if you are stuck with a sim with the absent minded trait it's not a huge deal just make sure they do the actions you order them to (u can just tell them to shower then go to another sim) but other then that the worse thing this trait does is waste a little time
4th July 2014 6:17pm
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