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The Sims 3: Adventurous Trait

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Trait Requires The Sims 3 World Adventures ExpansionAdventurous
Lifetime Wishes: Great Explorer, Physical Perfection, Private Museum, Seasoned Traveler
Adventurous, introduced with World Adventures, helps to trigger four of the new lifetime wishes that came with the expansion when used in combination with another older trait. This trait will help keep your Sims happy while traveling. They'll get a small (+10) adventuring moodlet while they're out and about. Since it always sticks around, it helps a lot more than it seems. Additionally, your Sim will see a reduced cooldown before they can go on another vacation, from 48 hours to just over a day. The only drawback is the trait causes your Sim to get the stir crazy moodlet more often, but this shouldn't happen if you're really using the Sim to travel a lot!

Game Description

  • Your Sim will feel great when traveling to a new location for the first time.
  • Your Sim will gain VISA levels faster than other Sims
  • Sim can go on another trip sooner than other Sims

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Amot says...
Adventurous is a trait added to world adventures that is designed for sims that travel a lot, so if you don't plan for a sim to take a lot of vacations this is a trait generally best ignored, while collectors, fishermen, tip players, firemen, designers, architects, ghosthunters etc. might enjoy the moodlet they are other traits that they benefit from then adventurous. However for sims that travel a lot (especially those trying to complete the seasoned traveler life time wish) really do enjoy this trait the faster visa growth is really helpful and the short gap periods doesn't hurt either (though the moodlet manager kind of antiquates it). If you rolled this trait you and you don't plan on traveling make sure to give your sim a job or have them do something that allows you to regularly leave the house (such as collecting or fishing) so they can avoid getting stir crazy
4th July 2014 6:38pm
Amot says...
Minor correction I assumed the moodlet applied when you were out and about your neighborhood but on a reread I realized it doesn't so there is no reason to pick adventurous what so ever if you don't travel but my advice to avoid stir crazy still stands
4th July 2014 6:41pm
vicky says...
to be come friend
7th August 2015 11:55am
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