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The Sims 3 Long Distance Friend Lifetime Reward

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Long Distance Friend
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This lifetime reward is great for keeping friendships. It will help your Sim to build up more friendships, because current friends won't need maintenance. Still, your Sims only need so many friends to get by in the game, so I don't very much like this reward.

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Peach says...
I just got this because my lifetime goal is to max out charisma (I wouldn't have chosen "golden fingers, golden tongue" if I had known maxing out charisma requires a certain number of friends)
Nevertheless, even when my sim hasn't worked in weeks (being a celebrity I make plenty of money from opportunities-I got the opportunistic reward ASAP, recommend it) I still find it nearly impossible to have 20 friends naturally, which is what's required to fulfil the charisma goal to ensure friendships never decay.
I guess to wrap up, id say this reward is crucial to any "late night" simmer so you can rack up the charisma points.
16th March 2014 12:18am
Mystyr Nile says...
It doesn't seem to protect you from losing all your friends from your Reputation. Even though it tells you that it happened "from Neglect".
24th March 2014 4:01pm
Caila Block says...
I love this reward as it works great with the political career path and charisma since you need a certain amount of friends to get the achievements. And you don't need to keep working on the sims once you get to a certain point in the friendship. I'm friends with everyone! It's Great!
18th July 2013 4:28pm
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