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The Sims 3 Philosopher's Stone Lifetime Reward

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Requires The Sims 3 SupernaturalPhilosopher's Stone
Lifetime Happiness Points: 40,000
The Philosopher's stone can be used to turn items into gold ingots. Simply place an object on the pedestal (something small like a seed or apple) and it will be turned into a bar. Be sensible when using this, as unless you simply want a massive collection of gold, transmuting anything valued over $50 or so will be a loss of money. Be warned! This is one of the causes of death to come with Supernatural and failing to transmute gold can kill your Sim. The second purpose of this is to bind ghosts to your household, permanently. Simply select it and any ghosts in the neighborhood can be added to your household.

Upon reaching level 10 in Alchemy, your Sim will receive a skill opportunity chain, the end reward being the Philosopher's Stone.

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Rue says...
So...I am doing this 'I wonder what will happen if I do this!' thing. Where I made a fairy couple and I killed them, and bought them back as ghost fairies, and their daughter is going to marry a Vamp, and I'm waiting to see what the child turns out is, but I'm getting ahead of my self.

I killed of my male fairy, little science thing popped up, I had a jelly bean ghost, simple. The female fairy....I waited two weeks NEVER got the thing, so I did the 'bind ghost' thing, and now that she is back, I have rebuilt their relationship, and they can woohoo, but the 'try for baby' option isn't there! And....I'm freaking out. This took FOREVER to do, and I kidna want to finish is this a glitch that will repair itself, or can bound ghost sims not have babies?

Any help would be great!
24th January 2014 3:17am
kixle says...
the female has to alive for it to work.
13th February 2014 2:36pm
amy says...
i have 4 sims in my household ive had 3 so far do it they all did it success fully the one sim I hate as im trying to kill her and it wont work! any items that always fail? or does she need to be a special supernatural?
Items that are very low in value like apples have a higher chance to fail with the stone.
6th June 2013 11:44pm
Simmer says...
i translated my teen's old homework twice and both times it killed my sim. Although it may be a coincidence since she was using it all day. You could also try transmuting dishes and dirty clothes at no cost to you.
4th July 2014 7:34pm
sami says...
If you have Generations installed and the family has children, try transmuting the Imaginary Friend dolls to gold. Great way to get rid of those annoyances.
5th April 2014 10:28am
Kitty says...
Lol. But they can actually be helpful for social need or can be a bf/gf for the child when he/she grows up, so at school you can spend more time working instead of making friends for a better grade.
27th July 2014 8:02am
Ashley says...
I got the Philosopher's Stone. When I clicked on it, it wouldn't let me make gold(resolved issue) but instead would let me bind a ghost. I thought I would try it and see what would happen. Now there is a ghost in my household that has all my sims things and all actions and moods are stuck on one sim's and all my sims look like the ghost on the little pictures. How can I get rid of the ghost without losing any of my other progress?
I would do a save as.. and then exit the game, clear your caches and then load back up.  Then I would kick out the ghost.
22nd July 2013 2:47pm
ang says...
They have a choice listed on the gravestone to go back to the Netherlands in which you recieve everything in their invetory. :)
6th September 2013 12:14am
Tiff says...
I didn't know this could happen when using the Philosopher's Stone, so I panicked when a Sim I'd spent a lot of time on nearly died while trying to make some gold (Hadn't saved in a while either....). Apparently, if you use the resetSim (Sim's name) cheat when the reaper shows up because of a failed gold-making experiment, it cancels the whole death situation and you get to keep the (creepy) 50,000 simoleon golden sculpture of your Sim.
11th July 2017 11:35pm
Chaden Jay says...
I have a elder sim that is the leader of the free world, level 10 political, she is close to death. I have a phillophers stone and can bind ghosts, if I bind her after her death will she keep her previous job at the same level it was at. Or will she loose her skills and job and I'll have to start all over?
26th December 2018 3:48pm
Playalot says...
Sorry but I just don't know. I haven't played that much with the Philosophers Stone. Save your game and if it doesn't work the way you want then quit without saving - least that way you'll find out how it all works but without ruining your game.
27th December 2018 5:16pm
V says...
She should keep everything intact
28th December 2018 4:09am
Jasmine says...
How to do you prevent death when using the stone? I have made a witch who I love (in a non creepy way) and I just got it but I i don't want her to die
13th November 2017 4:44pm
Playalot says...
You can't really prevent death. But just have the means of bringing your sim back to life should this happen!
15th November 2017 4:12pm
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